Rancid Nuts

Matt and I were talking about his rancid nuts today…

Kitta: What are you chewing?
Matt: Peanuts. They weren’t very nice, I think they are a bit stale, I kinda wish I didn’t eat them now.
Kitta: Do nuts go stale?
Matt: Yeah, then they go rancid.
Kitta: Mmm, rancid nutty goodness.
Matt: You don’t want to eat them when they’re rancid…
Kitta: Oh no, I do, I love the taste of rancid in the morning.
Matt: You can’t really tell from what they look like…
Kitta: Actually, I just like saying the word rancid, it’s such a cool word.
Matt: Just a little off colour, but they are nuts – they do that – then you eat them and you feel like vomiting for like an hour.
Kitta: Rancid man!
Matt: Sweetie…
Kitta: Yes?
Matt: What have you been taking?
Kitta: Rancid peanuts.

The truth is I’m drugged up on head cold medication to stop my head feeling like it will explode.

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