Moo MiniCards

I was one of the lucky 10,000 Flickr Pro users to score some of the free Moo MiniCards, I ordered them a few weeks ago and they arrived today!


So very cool and addictive, so many uses and everyone I’ve shown them them wants one, I might have to order some of the 100’s to hand out. ;o)

5 Comments on “Moo MiniCards”

  1. The moo cards are brilliant. I used my free ten pack for images of my wife, so she can use as biz cards if she likes.

    I am a little surprised you listed your Flickr address? First?


  2. Lloyd: I listed my Flickr address because I was thinking of giving the cards out to people I take photos of and upload to Flickr, and I put first for aesthetic reasons – It looked better slopping down.


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