Hit and Laugh

How was your day today?

Mine was fine. I replied to some email, did some washing, paid some bills, and oh yeah… nearly got hit by a car.

I was walking Camp in the warm afternoon sun – I was on the home stretch and Camp was tired and giving me that ‘you know, you could totally carry me home’ look – when I heard a loud bang and saw a car take the corner in front of me at a ridiculous speed, the car went over the curb and onto the sidewalk we were walking on. They didn’t correct and kept driving straight for us. There was a small patch of grass and a fence to the side of us so I quickly yanked Camp’s lead and jumped against the fence just as the car flew past where Camp and I were walking merely seconds earlier. As the car full of four young men speed past me, only a foot or so from where I stood, they looked at me and laughed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find nearly killing someone funny, I guess that’s the difference between myself and a car full of bogans. After they passed me the two men in the back seat looked back at me, I had a ‘what the flying fuck’ look on my face and Camp was cowering against the fence (yeah, she’s ferocious, big bad Camp), then the bogan mobile’s driver spotted another corner in his sights, he again took that corner at full speed and hit the curb. Hilarity ensued for them and no one else present.

A guy heard the commotion and came out of his house just in time to see what happened. He asked me if I was ok; yes, I was fine, shaken and very pissed off given that there were kids walking home from school at the time and a child might not have moved as quickly as I did. He asked if I saw the license plate; no, I was more concerned with my safety than a license plate. He then started ranting, “fucking idiots, they’ve done this before, they’ll kill someone one day” and went back inside his house while ranting about a baseball bat and bricks in milk cartons.

I decided to walk on the other side of the road, not on the sidewalk, incase they drove by again trying to kill people instead of doing something constructive.

To the hoons of the world that think this kind of behaviour is cool…

You are a bunch of dickheads. You are not cool, classy sophisticated women do not like wankers with bogan mobile’s who try to run people over and then laugh, one day you will kill someone, and hopefully that person will be you and not an innocent person walking their dog or a child coming home from school. So stop trying to impress your equally dickheaded friends.

10 Comments on “Hit and Laugh”

  1. God that fucking sux! A licence plate would have been wonderful!!! I was just thinking how much of a beautiful person you are kitta…and then I read your blog, and u nearly died, and then I thought you wouldnt write your blog if you died and then I went into a whole downward spiral of negativity! Anywho, you’re beautiful and I mean that! And i thank you for the brief moments of happiness this blog/you give me!


  2. glad your’e ok, yeah Guys like that wont be laughing when all their friends have gone along with all the cheap thrills and they are living at home with mum, fat, overweight and all depressed and asking the four walls in their rooms “wheres my stuff?” or “when is it my turn?”

    Me I prefer to cruise along at port thrusters ahead full on my WRX rather than warp factor 9, doing joey impersonations “ehy.. ow you doin?” 😀 to the lovely ladies on the sidewalk


  3. I’d be pretty freaking angry as well.

    I’m with you, when will bogan realise that driving a beat up old VN Commodore like a man possessed is NOT the way to a ladies heart.

    I am yet to see anyone go weak at the knees for an old Ford with different colored panels and a three bogan with three teeth leaning against it, smoking.

    It’s so lucky you were not listening to super loud music or anything or you may not have noticed them in time.


  4. Phew. Thank heavens for your cat-like reflexes. And your dog’s cat-like reflexes, if that makes any sense.

    I can see why people get a kick out risky behaviour, but involving innocent* bystanders is just idiotic. Plus this brings up the question of how all your readers will know what happened to you if you are suddenly and cruelly wiped off the face of the earth by Mad Max wannabes? There needs to be some sort of final update to sort everything out. I wonder if you could make a WP plugin for that…

    *You know, in that particular context. Not to say generally.


  5. Wow! Glad you managed to jump out the way! I was not so lucky when I got hit by a van the other week, I was crossing a pelican crossing (that’s one where you push a button to turn the traffic lights red, do you have them down under?) I stepped out onto the crossing and this van ran the red light, knocked me over, ran over my foot (vreaking it no less!) and drove off!

    I didn’t think to try and get the license plate number, I was more shocked that someone wouldn’t stop to say sorry!


  6. OMG that makes me so mad seriously Bogans are the scum of Australia. You so need to right more entries like this only without the almost getting run over by them part. Your right any decent girl with half a brain wouldnt be attracted to dickheads like that, but sadly they still seem to get girls and they still try with girls like us :/ Seriously it’s like 1) Drive something original and 2) Jim Beam and Jack Daniels are not decent fashion brands. Damn I hate bogans so much >:| wish you got a number plate so I could smash the car. In fact everytime I see a Holden Ute I want to take a sledghammer to the side panels.


  7. Here, in the southeastern U.S., we call them “Rednecks” or just plain old “White Trash.”
    When I was 18 I was riding a motorcycle when I was hit, head on, by a car driven by the likes of what almost got you. Haven’t had much use for those types ever since.
    Glad you’re still in one piece, Kitta.


  8. Gah!! Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you’re ok Kitta. Luck was on your side~ Or guardian angels..Whatever you may believe.

    On another note, sounds like you need my hero Taz ;P


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