If shoe designers were web 2.0 compliant…


Shoes + Web 2.0 = the above.

Yay Hooray started it with a parody thread of re-designed famous logos made to look web 2.0 compliant, now it has turned into a Flickr meme, everyone is re-designing famous logos to look like the shiny, rounded, shadowy web 2.0 logos and uploading them to Flickr with the ‘yay2dot0logoparody’ to show how it would look if the world was 2.0. The shinyness is blinding! The above JIMMY CHOOr logo is a rip off of the Flickr logo.

Tay has a collection of some of the best logos here.

2 Comments on “JIMMY CHOOr”

  1. long time reader, first time commenter.. i came across your site when i befriended Taylor (GT) 2 years ago.. my best friend is in australia right now and says its amazing and is debating coming home to kentucky.. love your site and your jewelry a lot!


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