Blogiversary 4.0

Four years ago I started my blog. I used the now ancient Greymatter and struggled with it daily to get it to do what I want. I remember that there were no plugins and my beloved blog was free of repugnant comment spam, everyone wondered when the media would accept blogging and was for sale for only $20.

Today, I celebrate my fourth Blogiversary.

In the web-world, four years seem more like eight; everything moves so much faster and things grow more rapidly. I now use the sexy and powerful WordPress and it does things before I even want it to. Plugins are plentiful and I battle daily on the frontlines of comment spam, everyone laughs when the news reporters read their ‘blogs’ on air like it’s the best TV ever and is for sale for $2,430.

Here’s to another year. 🙂

10 Comments on “Blogiversary 4.0”

  1. I just checked and costs a low, low nine dollars. Your epenis is, like, enormous compared to mine.

    Well done matey + keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration.


  2. Happy Blogiversary! If were at all possible, both you and your blog have only gotten better over the years. This has always been a great place to stop by and I am sure it will always be.


  3. Your efforts don’t go un-noticed….well done on a good job, and I hope you keep it up for at least four more!!!


  4. This is very true. Things move so fast and when owning a blog site it seems as though you’re stuck in a time warp and everything seems more drawn out than it really is.

    Not to mention alot of people come and go, and come back again (like me). It’s very bazarre.

    Either way, happy anniversary


  5. Wow 4 years really is a long time, it’s too bad that I have only recently discovered your blog, there is quite a few back pages that I might need to go though to catch up or just out of general interest.

    Just looking at the archives makes me wonder if there were
    ever times when you repeated content, but didn’t know about it?

    It’s one of those things that I reckon I will do eventually, I doubt that I would last as long as you have though.



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