Less Than Three


Good news. I received the results from the less than three monitor (multi-day holter monitor) today, everything is fine, no arrhythmias or any other nasty stuff. As I suspected, my heart is simply under stress from chronic illness (motility disorder and immunological problems) and beats faster than normal, but has no abnormal arrhythmias and won’t cause any damage. I am glad there was nothing wrong with my less than three. 🙂

Note: For the less than geeky, less than three = ❤ or heart.

13 Comments on “Less Than Three”

  1. wow Kitta, That is really great news. I’m happy that all is alright with you. My sister has that also and it just happens once in awhile, But that is good new. :))

    in your latest cam shot you look so mean lol lol the terminator lol lol watch out Matth 🙂 I guess being sick or thought some was wrong mad you not happy, understandable.

    Dan M
    Maine USA


  2. that is great news about your less than three…however if you are ill then maybe you could get a helper monkey. I agree with matt that would be awesome. not you being ill, but having a smart little monkey. you even dye his hair red and he’d be the incarnation of the lrm. and what is a “Quokka “


  3. Jay Jay: A Quokka is a seemingly cute creature that resides on Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Don’t let its cuteness fool you; I once had a Quokka attack my camera and steal my food off a BBQ.


  4. Woh ! J am very glad for you and if i’m late ! I beg your pardon . i hav’nt see this .You are so ” jolie “and I was so worry about that …congratulations but I am like John Boy !…


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