Small Things


I was SMSing Matt while he was doing some grocery shopping, he has a strange addiction to Cottonelle toilet paper – the one with the puppy print – and is overly excited whenever it is in stock…

Matt: Yay, they have puppy print! 😀
Kitta: It’s the small things that amuse you. 😛
Matt: I was going to make a joke about how small things amuse you too, but then I realised I would be teasing myself…
Kitta: And that would be so un-true. 😉

9 Comments on “Small Things”

  1. In my defence they had been out of puppy print for a while, I guess I can’t blame them I mean who would want seashells on there toilet paper when you can get puppies?


  2. oh man, that’s where you and I differ. If I were still dating my ex, I would have replied with “Yeah well I already tease you anyway, stubby. So no need to do it yourself unless you really want to :D”

    I of course don’t REALLY mean that, but I can’t help myself sometimes.


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