Over the past four years of blogging I have had some interesting search phrases show up in my stats. Now and again I play a game with Sergio called ‘who has the most fucked up search term’, the rules are simple, whoever has the most disgusting search term wins and claims the glory of having the most fucked up website viewers. It’s a highly regarded award that I have won many times. I mostly receive disgusting searches about granny porn, monkey porn, granny and monkey porn orgies, and searches about myself naked (not happening people). I thought I would document some of my fucked up search term’s (FUST’s) from the past month…

June FUST’s

  • China syndrome porn
  • Soviet diamond fund
  • Cute nurses giving injections
  • Helena Bonham-carter lesbian
  • Monkey eating cheese
  • Sims 2 how to alien impregnation
  • Put the ooo in shampoo
  • My shoelace will take over the world
  • Big brother Australia fucking housemates while they sleep rumours
  • Life is like a bucket of wood shavings
  • Monkey vagina pictures
  • Make a monkey talk like Simon Cowell
  • How would you say Happy Easter in Australia (it’s said as ‘Happy Easter’)
  • Tupgirl and lemon party orgy
  • Aliens blowing up puppies
  • I have a piece of metal like a hair growing from my knee
  • Free fucking website of old grannies
  • Sublimable messages through disney movies (that is how they spelt subliminal)
  • How to write like a kool haxor

And my favourite…

  • Advice on how to leave my mistress

You want my advice on how to leave your mistress? Ok. Here’s what you do… Don’t. Because she will contact your wife who will throw you out of home, your beloved mistress will then not take your sorry ass in, and you’ll be sleeping on your friend Larry’s couch while he sings in the shower to Shania Twain and begs you to come join him because he’s lost his soap. Unless you want to look for soap while moaning to ‘You’re Still The One’ I would think twice before even obtaining a mistress.

14 Comments on “FUST's”

  1. I like “Monkey eating cheese”… I mean sure theres some perverted people out there to search for things like “Monkey Vagini Pictures” but it takes a special type of person to look up monkeys eating cheese.


  2. Assuming the person who wants Sims to be impregnated with alien babies doesn’t want to sit around waiting for it to happen autonomously, they should check out this hack.

    … XD


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