The Doors

Camp has a bit of a problem lately, this problem comes in the form of doors, glass sliding doors in particular. She seems to run into them quite a bit. When she hears the roller door go up and a car pull in she will become excited, start prancing around and wagging her tail furiously, then she puts her head down and run as fast as her little legs will let her go straight into a closed door. She hits the door which such force that everyone in the house can hear it – that sound – the sound of bone connecting with something hard. I told her it’s not a marathon. One should look up to see if any doors or other obstacles are present in their current running path, but she doesn’t listen.

To rectify the situation I have been contemplating putting some sort of doggy road bump near the door – such as a mat – to at least slow her down a bit, and maybe fashioning her some sort of door helmet and dollying it. She will either stop running into doors and in the process hate me for the rest of her doggy life for putting her in such a lame looking thing or keep running into doors and rejoice that she now has a helmet that she can use to break down said doors.

6 Comments on “The Doors”

  1. I remember when I was younger, my mother had special stickers stuck on the door so we knew you couldn’t walk through.

    … Although I don’t know if dogs would be able to tell XD


  2. Hehe, my dog Daisy (German Short-Haired Pointer) ran full pelt into the new (installed that very day) wire-mesh security door. While being funny in that evil kind of way, she actually did some damage to it – silly girl!


  3. I have a similar situation with our dog Cara, but she is old and nearly blind so when I give the pets treats I have to be careful to hand it to her. She likes to run off to eat it and if she turns the wrong way she runs into the wall.


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