Fiery Red

Red Hair

So I dyed my hair torridly red and I fucking love it, but I am concerned that the Little Red Monkey has finally started to influence me.

I took my new hair out today to meet the world, the world seemed to like it, as I was buying some more shampoo from a salon the lady serving me commented that my new hair looked fantastic and said, “the hairdresser that dyed your hair did a great job!” I didn’t have the heart to tell her I dyed it and ruin the ‘packet dye is evil’ theory.

44 Comments on “Fiery Red”

  1. It is NOT FAIR that you are so cute! What will the rest of us normal girls do? We have so much to live up to! !(*$)%)&*%$)*&%!!!


  2. “Torridly red” is that the name of the colour?

    If so I like it (the name). If not it should be!

    Ohhh and the hair looks pretty damn “torrid” too (no I think I’ve stretched that as far as it will go…).

    [insert further compliment of “smokin’, hot, fiesty, rarrrrr” variety]


  3. Love the hair, but I think you’ll need a different color of lip glossie other than pink to compliment the new tones.


  4. My hair is too dark so when I dye my hair red, the only time I see the red is when I’m in the sunlight. Now I’m like, “Eh fuck it, I’ll go the whole way and just go black,”. I’m yet to go out and buy the dye yet though.

    But it looks good on you, lovely πŸ˜€


  5. I love it! I think the blonde highlights helped, what do you think? Red is definitely your colour. *nods*

    Accessorily, I love your necklace too! πŸ™‚


  6. Dude! Colour looks fu’king awesome! What can I say? You know I love redheads though… and you will always be one of my favourite girls, no matter what colour your hair is. Might have to tell Joyful… she will be devastated, she also loves red!


  7. Everyone: Thank you for the compliments, I too think the red hair suits me and looks fantastic. I’m having some fade issues, but hopefully they’ll be resolved with a re-dye and colour shampoo and conditioner. Ahh, the joys of bright and funky hair!

    Gordon: No, I gave it the ‘torridly red’ name. The colour is called ‘Pure Spice Power’ which sounds quite odd – like a name for a girl band. Hair dye companies name their colours so vapidly. Unlike paint companies that go all out.

    Ella and Amanda: I used L’Oreal Feria colour booster in ‘Pure Spice Power’ #P76.

    Stephanie: The lip-gloss I used is a red tone and is by Sugarbaby, it looks redder IRL.

    Christina: My hair had some blonde highlights in it, so the red is really vibrant where the highlights were. I think that’s the key to making it look good on brunette hair. You could also try lightening it first to get a really vibrant red colour.

    Peppermint: I do think they helped; the colour is really vibrant where the blonde highlights were and gives it depth. The necklace is from Diva, I normally don’t like much jewellery in stores because I make my own, but Diva makes such stunning jewellery and it’s really well priced.

    The real Ella: Oh noes! Joy will be all over me! πŸ˜‰


  8. Your hair looks absolutely lovely. I hade a similar shade a couple of months ago and gosh it miss that. The world wasn’t too fond of it though (or my mother wasn’t..)


  9. NOW.. I understand the REAL reason to keep a blog…endless compliments and confi boosts! (but hey.. you deserve them all..)


  10. the hair looks great, and wow, thats crazy that you did your self, the dye job is really good.
    its varry beautiful for sure.

    ya i just got me a hair cut my self it must be the thing to do these days.


  11. Very nice hair. I must say, I myself am slightly red with black and brown….a very complicated dye affair to be honest!

    Just thought I would pop in and say hello since you are the newest flickr contact.

    Looking forward to seeing some exciting photos πŸ™‚



  12. I know that it’s been years since this blog post was written, but I am wondering whether you would consider doing a video tutorial showing your highlighting technique. It’s been ages since I’ve done my own, and I plan to ring in the new year with a new ‘do. Thanks!


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