What's in my make-up bag

I took a photo of my make-up for the ‘what’s in your make-up bag’ Flickr pool, and I was amazed at the amount of beauty products I have in my possession. Granted I don’t use most of it on a daily basis, but I do use most of it on a monthly basis. What’s funny is this is nothing compared to what I dragged around in a big vanity case when I did modelling.


I’m sure when my boyfriend sees the above photo (larger view available on Flickr) he’ll know exactly why it takes me four times longer for me to get ready and it will totally devoid the need for the “why do you need an hour to get ready” conversation from our relationship.

But I’m in good company, other ladies have displayed the contents of their make-up bags in the Flickr pool. I love this one, as one commenter mentioned “it look’s like Barbie’s makeup bag”, so pink and cute, I adore the compacts and pill boxes.

So I thought I would start this into a blogging meme – my first – and infect a few female bloggers with it.

Rules of the meme

  • The infected are to dump out the contents of their makeup bag, take a photo of the contents and then post the photo on their blog, and if possible add it to the ‘what’s in your make-up bag’ Flickr pool.
  • The infected must pass the meme onto five other female bloggers (or metrosexual men and drag queens).

Those whom I wish to infect

11 Comments on “What's in my make-up bag”

  1. Ed’s comment is hilarious 😀

    I will try to do this entry this weekend. I’m almost too scared to do it. I don’t want to think about the kind of money I’ve spent on make-up products, ha!


  2. Woah.

    I like this site, this site I like.

    Lmfao at the barbeque entry.

    My friend Adrian says that. >_>

    Holy muffins at how much makeup you have.

    You’re from Perth.
    I’m from Perth.
    We both.
    Are from Perth.



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