Shot Down

Matt and I were talking about how we met. The true story is we met at a Christmas party, another guy was trying to pour beer down the back of my top and Matt stopped him, I spent the rest of the night safe on Matt’s lap. Alas, Matt thinks that this isn’t a good enough story…

Matt: I’m thinking we need to come up with a really cool story about how we met.
Kitta: Why?
Matt: Because I figure we will have to tell it a lot, and meeting at a christmas party isn’t really very impressive.
Kitta: We met at a Christmas party when you stopped some wanker of a guy from pouring beer down my top, that is impressive.
Matt: Instead of that… I saved you from being bashed by seven drunk guys in an alley trying to bash you.
Kitta: No.
Matt: Fine… We’ll stick with the true story.
Kitta: Dork.
Matt: Hey, it was a good idea, we would have a great story to tell at events!
Kitta: Me being bashed is a good story?
Matt: Noooo, I saved you.
Kitta: Right, from seven guys? Just think about that…
Matt: How about this then… It was at the ski slopes in Aspen, you fell and hurt your ankle and seven wolves were coming towards you, but I fought them off.
Kitta: No.
Matt: Fiiiinnneee.

A few moments later…

Matt: Can I have a pet fox?
Kitta: No sweetie.

12 Comments on “Shot Down”

  1. Yeah right Matt, and Hitler was just *Slightly* miffed he was not accepted into art school…

    And how can you think saving a girl from 7 guys is better than having said girl on your lap?


  2. Stopped some wanker from pouring beer down my top is impressive enough I think, that and he does have you on his arm now. It doesn’t get anymore impressive than that.


  3. I think you should let him have the seven guys explanation, on the proviso that they were seven dwarves. That way it would be feasible and entertaining.


  4. Wait, you guys don’t have a pet fox??
    Here’s ours

    Put the 7 dwarves in the Aspen version of the story and I think you’ve got it nailed.

    I proposed to my wife in the car on the highway, going 90mph when she wouldn’t agree to let me carry out my original proposal plan. She thinks it ruined the story, but it just made it more interesting. to each his/her own.


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