Little Red Bunny


Some of you may have noticed that the header image has changed (Ctrl-F5 to force refresh if you can’t see it), the rolling hills where the Little Red Monkey once ranted and raved have been replaced with a rainbow, and coloured Easter eggs can be found scattered among the foliage. The Little Red Monkey was tired of ranting day in day out at, so he has taken a holiday down south over the Easter break and has asked the Little Red Bunny to take over while he’s gone.
Same rules apply; no feeding or spanking.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Easter. 😉

18 Comments on “Little Red Bunny”

  1. He really deserved some time of, but we’ll miss him. Except if now he’s finally broken out of his html cage to start his quest for dominion. Time will tell.


  2. launched my site finally, check it out and let me know what you think! theres also a new forum.. you should join! and of course your linked 😉


  3. Mark: Yep, this is the re-design that I have been working on for ages. Amazing, isn’t it? Each pixel has been hand rendered by naked virgin graphic artists in France, who slave for hours to find the perfect hex code to compliment the rest of the design. They also coat themselves in olive oil and lay out in the sun to produce virgin olive oil as a side business.


  4. Hey Nikita

    Found your website on the new aussie blog directory – never realised Perth has such an active blog community.

    Anyway, thought I’d include you as a link to my site, so if you like my blog and want to do likewise it’d be much appreciated!

    Stay out of that sun…



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