Nokia 7370

Nokia 7370

I purchased a new phone, a sexy Nokia 7370, a bit of an expensive phone outright, but I have been saving up for a while and I haven’t had any cool gadgets to play with in quite some time. I have to say, it has surpassed my expectations. I thought the swivel design might be a bit dodgy, it’s not, and it is quite visually stunning with its leather-inspired backing and metal surfaces. The navigation is simple (unlike my old LG phone that had so many categories that I could never find the sections I wanted) and the video ring tones are quite cool. I less than three this phone.

Kitta: My old phone looks so crappy next to my new one, my new one is all “you suck LG”, my old phone retorts with a plea of “but, but, I have infrared!” and my new phone replies “hah, I have bluetooth bitch!”
Matt: I can just imagine you, like, playing with them on the desk and putting on little voices for each one.

11 Comments on “Nokia 7370”

  1. k750i is the king of all phones…

    … but that Nokia is very girly. Its gotta be at least a princess, if not the queen.


  2. One morning my mother was like, “Christina! Me want new phone!”. Being a Thursday and late night trading, we went to Optus Shop (she’s with Optus). My mother, “Christina! Which one should I get?!”, it was a decision between the 7370 and another one. I said the 7370, and she got it for free coz she’s been with Optus since the dinosaurs or something. She’s quite happy with it, and absolutely fascinated with the Bluetooth.

    It’s a nice phone, but I’ll agree with Metao, the k750i is king 😛


  3. Herman: You don’t fucking say, wow, I never even noticed… That was sarcasm. Clearly anyone with some brain function could see that it’s been directly marketed towards the female demographic, and given that a large percentage of phones are designed and targeted towards a more male demographic it’s nice to see a more feminine phone on the market.


  4. I’ve got the N70 which is so good, I really love the look of your new mob, it’s so girly. I’m waiting for the N80 to come out here, 3meg camera, yum yum :p


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