Chew Toy Prank

As I sit typing this Camp lies at my feet, waiting for me to get up so she can try to play a prank on me, which seems to have become her one goal in life.

Normally she lays in the sun, legs in the air and exposing her naked belly for all the neighbours to see while soaking up the suns rays so she will have a killer tan to show off the next time she goes for a walk at the beach. Not a care in the world. We joke that she is a dog of leisure at heart, due to the fact she was found on the Whitsunday islands as a pup, lost and wondering around a Camp site, she probably belonged to a rich couple holidaying on their yacht.

But lately the sun bathing beauty must have become bored with the resort lifestyle and has started following me around all day long, strategically placing her chew toys in my path while I’m not looking in the hopes of making me trip and thus having a fantastic story to bark to the dogs about later in the day. As I turn my back on her I say “no one thought it was cute when Ashton Kutcher did it, and no one thinks it’s cute now dog”.

I’ve warned her that the treats will cease if I am decapitated after tripping over her tire shaped bull, in return she gives my a cute look and wags her tail as if to say “there are other humans who know where the treat jar resides.”

5 Comments on “Chew Toy Prank”

  1. I’m convinced that during a ceasefire negotiation held while the wife and I were out, our three cats instructed both our dogs in the fine art of Zig-Zagging In Front Of Mommy And Daddy As They’re Walking Through The House…


  2. My dog Christy has this habbit of grabbing a tennis ball in her mouth by the fuzz and then shaking the shit out of it. But while doing that she will let go of the ball and it soars around the house hitting all kinds of things, even people. She sits there waggin her tail hoping we will throw it for her. And if we don’t then she starts throwing it around again. So we need to play to stop things from breaking.


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