I’ve been low in B-12 this past week (I have B-12 injections every month or two because I have Pernicious Anaemia), so today I got jabbed with a syringe full of the red liquid that they like to call Hydroxocobalamin but I always refer to as the injectable version of the red pill, by the confused looks on the doctors and nurses faces I take it they are not Matrix fans. I also got jabbed with the annual Influenza vaccine (I had Influenza a few years back and I’ve been given the vaccine ever since.)

After being jabbed I was sitting outside of the shopping centre while my mother was inside buying food for dinner, as I sat there I started to feel dizzy (due to the heat and low B-12) and I noticed people were giving me concerned looks as they passed me, I put my head between my knee’s to stop the world from spinning. After a minute or two a middle aged lady stopped and asked me if I was ok, I managed a smile and say “I’m fine thanks, just the heat getting to me”, she said “ok, just wanted to check, you don’t look too well”, and then she smiled and went on her way.

It’s nice to know people care.

14 Comments on “Strangers”

  1. It is nice to know that random people do care how you are doing. I know once with my Astmah I had an attack while I was out at a club one night. And random people were concerned that I would be ok. It made me feel good. Even though I couldnt breathe. It was like trying to breathe through a straw smaller than a Mc Donalds straw. It really sucks.

    Otherwise Kitta I hope you feel better soon. I am le sick with a lovely cold so I am sore and can’t breathe well… BAh.


  2. 😦 Just when you were feeling better 😦 that really sucks… You mum should take you straight home next time 😦 I hope they fix you soon 😦


  3. Ross: I know, I went un-treated for months and had some terrible symptoms until a specialist picked it up.

    Tom: I’m feeling a tad better today, not much energy though.

    Keddy: I know that feeling, I’m asthmatic now and I had one a few months ago when I had a bas chest infection. It was my first and I didn’t know what was happening (no one cared to explain the whole asthma thing to me), by the time I got treatment I was passing out. I hope you feel better too.

    Jennifer and Stu: Thank you for your concern, but as Simon pointed out the cyclone hit on the other side of the country in Queensland, the only thing that will be effected by it in Perth will be our the price of banana’s since they are grown where the cyclone did the most damage.


  4. the geography of aussey land aint my strongest point,
    shame about the bannana price rise and i am so glad to hear you aint been blown away


  5. I am supposed to get the ‘flu vaccine each year but of course I hadnt gotten around to it yet this year and now I’ve been hit with the ‘flu and am so sick! Clever girl for being organised!!!

    I’m one of those people who get INCREDIBLY paranoid when strangers are nice to them… I often think that there’s some kind of alterior motive or whatever… dont know why but I do!


  6. Ok, this will seem dumb, but as an American, from all the shows I’ve seen, and articles I’ve read, I imagine most Australian people to be kind at heart…rugged, but kind (I know, I know….movies and such promote stereotypes of a people and a place). So using my naive American image of your people, I am not at all surprised that people were worried, and expressed concern. Ok, I am probably hopelessly naive. 🙂
    BTW, the current webcam photo is breathtakingly lovely, *sigh*…


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