Tomato Sauce

On Sunday the LRMF Perthian crew had a BBQ at Point Walter to catch up and meet some new faces (Tim, Justin, and some random James fellow who didn’t say very much apart from “I’m not a member of the forum”). The afternoon was filled with fun, sun and Tiffy getting high on sugar (as all LRMF BBQ’s are). Here are a few photos and conversations from the event…


While driving to pick up Candy Tiffy enquired “Kitta, are you wearing two bra’s?”, I was confused by her question, “no I’m wearing a bra and a singlet” I said and then asked “Why would I wear two bra’s?”, she seemed just as confused by the question as I was and replied “oh ok, I umm, I don’t know.” Ahh the mind of Tiffy, so complex.


On the way home Tiffy was informing us about the sound effects of sex (information which she of course gained from her teenage friends), specifically what it sounds like when a guy has an orgasm. She told us “my friend said it makes a ‘gizzzz’ sound”, everyone in the car exclaimed “WTF!” and then Candy clarified things, “it’s not a tomato sauce bottle Tiffy” she said “there’s no pressure in there for it to sound like a sauce bottle, it has no sound.” After the laughter from Candy’s tomato sauce bottle theory had died down I confessed “I am so never going to be able to use a tomato sauce bottle again.”


When we stopped for petrol I leaned out the window and said to Matt “yeah pump that petrol, harder, yeah baby”, Tiffy joined in on the fun and said “do it for me Daddy”, he gave us a repulsed look and then left to go pay for the petrol. When he returned we all said at once “Daddy can we have some ice cream, we want ice cream Daddy, pleaseeeeeee!” he replied in a stern fatherly voice “no, now shut the fuck up” followed shortly after by “I am so never having kids.”


Candy asked me to pass her a sausage in a bun, I went to grab one and she said “no, not that one, the big black one”, Anne asked “do you like big black sausages?” and Candy replied “no, Adam (her boyfriend) and I have had a talk about how I don’t go for black wang.”


I got sunburnt on my left should and arm because I had the window open while we were driving. I’ve applied about 10 layers of aloe vera, so hopefully it won’t peel.

More photos on Flickr under the ‘lrmf omgwtfbbq point walter’ tag.

7 Comments on “Tomato Sauce”

  1. It was a good day 🙂 the only thing that hurt me was the fact that i got sprinkles on my jelly cup… the next time i eat gritty ice-cream im definately going to have something to say about it… it was depressing 😦 i may as well have rammed my ice-cream into the ground 😥

    you got burnt pretty bad kitta… sunscreen is your friend 🙂


  2. I’m not sure if the tomato sauce up here in the Great White North is different, but if anything, it’s more of a “pop and slurp” if anything.

    Even more delightful to think about.


  3. hey i just was stoping by amnd saw this blog, I don’t stop to read them as much as i would like, but what can ya do.

    any ways great pic’s and looks as if you guys all have alot of fun, way to go guys, fun in the sun, can’t wait till its warm enough here in canda for us to do the same. mmmm beach swimming and drinking beer.

    any ways hi and great blog.


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