Mr Bowl

When I was a smaller version of myself – say Kitta Beta 6.4, before I was bought by Google and made users log in with their Gmail details – I would spend my days baking cookies, muffins and other yummy treats. Whenever I baked I always had a trusting friend there to help me, his name was Mr Bowl. Mr Bowl was very old, he belonged to my fathers mother and came to Australia on a ship with her. He had a chip on his side and a slight crack on his bottom, but I still loved him.

One day I was getting ready to make some cupcakes when I noticed Mr Bowl wasn’t in his normal resting place, I looked all over the kitchen for him, he was no where to be found. I asked my mother if she had seen him and that was when she told me the news.

She had killed Mr Bowl.

My own mother had killed my baking friend. Ok, so she didn’t really kill him, but she did chuck him in the bin, which I’m sure crushed his little bowl heart.

My mother then introduced me to a new family of bowls, they were plastic, came in various sizes and they had absolutely no character what so ever. I wanted nothing to do with them, I wanted Mr Bowl back. But it was too late, Mr Bowl was gone and I was left with the new emotionless plastic family. I tried to get to know them to even accept them, but the loss of Mr Bowl was too harsh. There was a hole in my heart that no other bowl could replace.

My baking has never been the same since, and I blame it all on my mother.

13 Comments on “Mr Bowl”

  1. Now that …. that was just so sad! I am all choked up. Why this story has such feeling, such emotion, such heart rendering romance, it could be a movie of the week!


  2. OMG not the bowl is that the huge ass glass one 😮 that bowl was awesome I hate plastic bowls they get scratched on the inside and the cookie dough gets all stuck and they are to light so they move around heaps when your stirring 😦 We have to scout some second hand shops and try and find a replacement bowl with Tiffy >_


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. It’s a very touching story and told beautifully.

    Isn’t it amazing how we can create attachments to inanimate objects? I had a wind-up toy robot when I was a small child that I took everywhere with me. Over the years (more than two decades) he always had a home on a dresser or desk in my house/apartment/place-to-live. During one move he was put in a box before I could scoop him into my travel bag, and disappeared for years.

    After seeing a picture at istockphoto I found a renewed passion to find my lost friend.

    I spent two hours digging through boxes that should have been consolidated and cleaned out years ago in search of my missing robot companion. Finally, just about to give up, there he was.

    Now he sits on shelf behind me at work next to an origami rocket and my red swingline stapler.

    I hope you find a new Mr. Bowl, Kitta. There is a an event here in Milwaukee/Wisconsin/United States, called “Empty Bowls” where local artists make clay bowls and decorate them. They are then donated to the organization where people buy the bowls and sample soups from local restaurants. The proceeds go to feed the hungry. It’s an appropriate place to find a bowl that might fill some of that empty space should you ever be in the area. If not, I hope there is something similar near you.

    On a final note… Have you seen the IKEA commercial that circled the web with the lamp that is discarded into the rain for a newer and “better” lamp? After seeing it, I realized that I (as the man suggests) -am- crazy.

    Best wishes


  4. Kitta,

    Iam still alive, I was adopeted shortly after your Mother threw me out. My new family and is very good to me. The little girl they have is typeing this for me since i have no arms, she reminds me of you. Please dont worry about me, Iam happy to help bake for my new family and have a special place in my bowl for you.

    All my Love
    Mr. Bowl


  5. My sister makes bowls, she’s quite good at it. I’ve no idea of the shipping costs, but I might could send you one, special order. *shrug*


  6. It could be the right time to start a new tradition. Find something to hand down to your children: Mrs Ladel or Baron von Mixmaster or something.


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