Flea Free

My mother gave our dog Camp a bath today and left her flea shampoo sitting next to my shampoo, about an hour later I was having a shower and I grabbed what I thought was my PPS shampoo and put it on my hair. I was lathering up thinking “hmm, something smells like Camp”, I kept lathering and then I suddenly realised that I had used the bloody dog’s flea shampoo on my hair.

It took four long washes with my shampoo to get the dog smell out of it. I told Mother about it and she thought it was hilarious, so funny in fact that she feels the story must be re-told to all her co-workers, little does she know I will fill her shampoo with the dogs shampoo and then we will see who is laughing! I will also inflict the same treatment on my boyfriend if he makes one more “your coat is so shiny now” or “sit… stay… good girl” jokes.

Good news is that my hair is now flea free. 🙂

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