Bullet Point

Some things that have been happening lately presented in bullet point format, so I do not have to think about making shit flow and thus use more brain power than I can sustain at the present time…

  • Succumbed to yet another throat/chest infection, spent a few days in bed trying to keep my temperature under 40 and eating far too much pudding, at one point I thought the cat was a tiger that was going to eat me. Fevers are fun kids.
  • The boyfriend is trying to convince me to help him in his quest to make cheese flavoured water available to the public. I simply sigh, remind him that no one would want cheese flavoured water, and call him a dork (in the most loving way of course) for even contemplating it. He then retorts by ranting about how rich cheese flavoured water will make us.
  • Have yet to order a copy of Company (it’s author Max Barry emailed me last year to say he enjoyed reading my blog so much that he felt it would interfere with Company’s deadline) due to having to pay medical bills, at one point tried to convince self that Company was a much more important investment because said book would cause laughter and then all would be good in Kittaville, then came to senses and re-read Fight Club while mumbling something incoherent about shipping costs.
  • Am terribly behind in email due to two parts illness and one part can’t be fuckedness.
  • Still working on re-design, should be done soon (said the girl who started the re-design a year ago.)
  • Contemplating dying hair blonde (well, more like light brown with an array of blonde highlights), it may be the fever talking or the fact that three days of day time TV has bored me to the core of my soul, but I think I would look cute as a blonde. I’ve been everything else.
  • Never watch Dawn of the Dead with a fever, it will fuck you up for life.

12 Comments on “Bullet Point”

  1. Shhhh! If you tell everyone about my plan, then no doubt someone will get to the idea before me!

    My hopes of cheese water riches down the drain…

    Get well soon sweetie 🙂


  2. Fuck you up for life in what kind of way? Coz now I feel sad about not having watched it while I was sick. I had a throat infection and fever as well, 7 days off school so far.

    And what the Hell is it with guys and cheese?!


  3. Sorry to hear of your illness, hope you get well soon. Have quickly sent in a patent request for cheese water to the patent office (can’t let that one get away). Sure you would look good with any hair color. Take care of yourself.


  4. I was ill to last week. I live in Belgium and it’s still winter here. It’s even snowing as I’m writing, so it’s a more logical time to get ill 🙂

    Get well soon Kitta!


  5. Chrissy: In an “OMG I can’t sleep zombie will chew on me” kind of way. Guys just like their cheese I guess.

    Nina: True, maybe he should sell cheese flavoured pet rocks.

    Thank you all for the well wishes.


  6. You write well…and I think you have an eye for photography…keep clicking…

    Its nice to see that when you will be of age…you shall cherish these moments…

    Ahem! Ahem! I know one thousand n people ( esp men) must have told you, but lemme take this oppurtunity and say this, “I have never seen a smile unlikes yours…keep smiling dear”.



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