Spam Oracle

“Oh BOY are you stoned, Paul thought, and giggled faintly. Three nights ago, when he was sure she was upstairs, he had sneaked one of the sample boxes out and had read everything on the label, although he supposed he had read everything he needed when he saw what Novril’s principal ingredient was. “All right! I think that just might be a little closer to the truth.” He looked up, startled out of the story’s deep dream Geoffrey — who had turned out to be very much the hero of this one — had just come face to face with the hideous queen bee, whom he would have to battle to the death for Misery’s life.”

Spam is so damn insightful; it’s like Drucilla from Buffy.

And yes, this is a lame attempt at a blog entry, but give me a break, I spent the last few days helping someone move, during which time I have been called ‘mental’ and ‘vague’, and had various things that belong to me taken from me against my will. I am a tad blah at the moment, with a bit of sweepy and sore thrown in for good measure. Now if you don’t mind I am going to go soak in a bath, rid my mind of any box related thoughts, and then sleep for a week or two.

6 Comments on “Spam Oracle”

  1. Hey do u want to help me move? I’m not sure how badly I could insult you though. Would you just settle for compliments and crazy things like “thanks” and “gee, you’re awesome for helping me move”??


  2. I swore I read somewhere about a box game, where the sole objective of the game is to stack boxes. How much would that suck, lol.



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