Zombie Love


Matt (the boyfriend): Holy crap! There was some really weird noise just then…
Kitta: What did it sound like?
Matt: Kinda like someone falling onto the driveway.
Kitta: Ok…
Matt: Hey, I said it was a weird noise.
Kitta: Did someone fall onto your drive way?
Matt: Not that I can see.
Kitta: Might be raining zombies outside.
Matt: Maybe… You will still loves me if I get mauled and become a zombie right?
Kitta: Sure, so long as you don’t try and eat my brains.

Happy valentines day everyone, let that special someone know you love them by promising not to eat their brains.

7 Comments on “Zombie Love”

  1. Youkie: if you find a really sweet (naive will also work) boyfriend, maybe you can convince him that he needs to buy you a present for each Valentine’s day (and every other holiday while you’re at it) he has missed.


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