Crappy Christmas Present

I received some nice gifts this year for Christmas, jewellery, money and gift certificates, a book and lots of smelly stuff, but in amongst it all was the crappy present.

You all know what I’m talking about, every year there is one; hand towels from your aunt, chocolate from your cousin (when you’re lactose intolerant) and a card that reads “I owe you a Coke” from your brother. This year my crappy Christmas present came in the form of a key holder, but not just any old key holder, this one was special, it came with a stand. That way the keys lay on the table instead of hanging freely.

Crappy Present

Due to its crappyness, the fact I only have a few keys and me not being the owner of 10 cats who likes flowery key holders, I have decided to eBay the item off to the highest bidder.

Let’s hope eBay doesn’t pull it, and if they do, there’s always the screenshot. πŸ˜‰

14 Comments on “Crappy Christmas Present”

  1. OMG! That’s hideous!

    So far, I really didn’t manage any crappy presents, but since I didn’t leave home to visit with anyone, well, something crappy may arrive any day now.

    So what kind of therapy is being recommended?


  2. That’s truly crap lol

    I don’t get why it has a stand though. Why do you need to hook keys on something when they’re laying on a table anyway? And why’s it so damn large and flowery?


  3. Im sure theres something wise to be said here, something about the thought that counts, or that their effort is proof they care. . .

    But i have enemies that wouldnt be this mean to me. God damn, what were they sitting around the house watching late night tv when all of a sudden the add comes on

    ‘are you looking for that special gift that tells the person in your life just how hard it is to measure how much you dont give a shit?…then come to our store and buy all our useless $5 crap that even the salvation army felt were too cheap for thier cause…’


    well theres always next year i spose, might i suggest strategically placed open catalogs with highlighted sections of what you actually DO want… πŸ˜›


  4. I am trying to amagine someone looking at this and saying, “yeh, thats the prefect gift, I just have to get that for Kitta”


  5. Eh. It’s the thought that counts. And I do agree you ebay-ing it off because you obviously have no use for it. And it’s a bit tacky, lol. Kitta’s junk is some old lady’s treasure? πŸ˜›


  6. OMG I was there peoples when she opened it.

    Stop being so cliche’ πŸ˜› “Its the thought that counts my ass” this gift shows lack of thought and lack of giving a crap so make bids lol


  7. have you tried, oh – I don’t know, spining the key hooks around and then the -whatever the hell that thing is- around so all your keys can hang without touching the table? imagine how high it’ll go for on eBay now !

    /all it really needs is a faint jesus head


  8. Well I got a really cool poker set and professional chips in an aluminium case from my family kris kringle! Thing is up until two years ago I had quite a severe and well known gambling problem! NOW THATS THOUGHTFUL!


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