Kitta TV

Nikita: Fucking piece of shit cables, why do you have to be so bloody cable like!
Danny: You know, you should have a TV show where you upgrade computers.
Nikita: And why is that?
Danny: Because it would be hilarious to see you swear at cables and components for half an hour time slot.
Nikita: Yeah, and in the season finale I would choke you with said cables and win a fucking Emmy Award.

Computer problems are still persisting even after installing a new mainboard, CPU and PSU. I have a few theories why…

  1. The old PSU was faulty and fried both the old and new mainboard’s and CPU’s.
  2. The memory has gone bad.
  3. It insists on being a fuckwit and continues to torment me because it enjoys infuriating humans.

At the moment I am leaning towards the memory, due to the fact that after I removed one stick of RAM and booted up it gave me a bad memory beep and POSTed. Beeping and POSTing is good, blank is bad, blank gives me no where to go apart from a hardware store to purchase a nice big hard hammer. 🙂

And so the great computer problem of 2005 trudges onwards…

16 Comments on “Kitta TV

  1. I agree, that TV show would rock … as for your problems, it’s probably the RAM but I wouldn’t rule out some other things. When I built my comp a few years back it wouldn’t boot at all, nothing, no beep, it just sat there with the power light on.

    I sent the mainboard back and the cpu, both came back fine. So I removed each component one by one and it turned out to be the internal modem.

    Not needing one anymore I got to smash it good with a hammer.

  2. Did you get the pictures of my printer?
    Look in your “Shotgun, Gasoline, Fire” folder.
    Let me know if I can help.

  3. It could be on right after “Call for Help” on G4TechTV. And with idea that blood, sex, and violence brings in ratings – you already have two of the three themes covered.

  4. It shouldn’t be on G4TechTV… mainly because G4TechTV sucks!

    Also it should be on australia tv.. or downloadable… mmm. downloadable.

  5. Yeah your tv show would so rock, it would be even better if it where a video podcast and beat off John Safran and his “speaking in tongues” from the top of the video podcast charts 😀

  6. it may be that the old PFU fried the MotherBoard, but not the CPU, tust me, i have fried A LOT of PSU and mobos with them, and still my CPU sirvives!.

    Ram can also be a problem.

    best advice?, do you have a good working computer arround?, you can try your hardware one by one to find the bad one.

    what PSU do you have?, i reconed to get a good one, like coolermaster realpower 450w PFC enabled, reloable an inexpencive, i am an overclockers and thats my PSU of choice 😉
    btw, i gess the motherboard is wrecked 😛

    sorry for my englis its not my native language.

  7. You see, it isn’t that hard to put a computer together from parts, nor to install Windows and get everything running. Unless, of course, God strikes down your system by some random chance-based event, which will undoubtedly end with broken computer hardware in the street.

  8. I had a dream about you last night kitta….weird! And no it wasnt one of ‘those’ dreams! I also never remember dreams, so im not actually sure why I remember this one! Anyway, thought i would let you know ….

  9. Sounds like a hit show… hot chicks strangling geeks with computer wire. I like it. You could pitch it to Sci-fi channel and/or playboy channel.

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