Kitta TV

Nikita: Fucking piece of shit cables, why do you have to be so bloody cable like!
Danny: You know, you should have a TV show where you upgrade computers.
Nikita: And why is that?
Danny: Because it would be hilarious to see you swear at cables and components for half an hour time slot.
Nikita: Yeah, and in the season finale I would choke you with said cables and win a fucking Emmy Award.

Computer problems are still persisting even after installing a new mainboard, CPU and PSU. I have a few theories why…

  1. The old PSU was faulty and fried both the old and new mainboard’s and CPU’s.
  2. The memory has gone bad.
  3. It insists on being a fuckwit and continues to torment me because it enjoys infuriating humans.

At the moment I am leaning towards the memory, due to the fact that after I removed one stick of RAM and booted up it gave me a bad memory beep and POSTed. Beeping and POSTing is good, blank is bad, blank gives me no where to go apart from a hardware store to purchase a nice big hard hammer. πŸ™‚

And so the great computer problem of 2005 trudges onwards…

16 Comments on “Kitta TV”

  1. I agree, that TV show would rock … as for your problems, it’s probably the RAM but I wouldn’t rule out some other things. When I built my comp a few years back it wouldn’t boot at all, nothing, no beep, it just sat there with the power light on.

    I sent the mainboard back and the cpu, both came back fine. So I removed each component one by one and it turned out to be the internal modem.

    Not needing one anymore I got to smash it good with a hammer.


  2. Yeah your tv show would so rock, it would be even better if it where a video podcast and beat off John Safran and his “speaking in tongues” from the top of the video podcast charts πŸ˜€


  3. it may be that the old PFU fried the MotherBoard, but not the CPU, tust me, i have fried A LOT of PSU and mobos with them, and still my CPU sirvives!.

    Ram can also be a problem.

    best advice?, do you have a good working computer arround?, you can try your hardware one by one to find the bad one.

    what PSU do you have?, i reconed to get a good one, like coolermaster realpower 450w PFC enabled, reloable an inexpencive, i am an overclockers and thats my PSU of choice πŸ˜‰
    btw, i gess the motherboard is wrecked πŸ˜›

    sorry for my englis its not my native language.


  4. You see, it isn’t that hard to put a computer together from parts, nor to install Windows and get everything running. Unless, of course, God strikes down your system by some random chance-based event, which will undoubtedly end with broken computer hardware in the street.


  5. I had a dream about you last night kitta….weird! And no it wasnt one of ‘those’ dreams! I also never remember dreams, so im not actually sure why I remember this one! Anyway, thought i would let you know ….


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