Random Five

Renee and Esther have infected me with the Random Five meme, where the infected victims must post five random facts about themselves in their blogs and then list the names of five people to infect next. Pathogenic meme’s are all the rage these days.

My Five Random Facts:

  1. My right leg is slightly longer than my left, because of this I bend my right knee slightly when standing to compensate.
  2. I enjoy watching really shockingly bad reality TV shows at night, such as Family Plots and Big Brother Up late.
  3. I am a closet Backstreet Boys fan and have been ever since high school when I used to hide my BSB CD’s in my Jebediah covers so my friends wouldn’t give me shit about owning their albums. I am planning on going to their Australian tour next year and making a sign that reads “I want to have the Two Chinese Boys babies”.
  4. The MRI I had a few months ago showed I have cysts on my ovaries, which could be contributing to some of the pain that I have been enduring over the past few months. I am waiting on more test results at this point. Woo-yay.
  5. I did all (let me repeat, ALL) of my Christmas shopping in November. Take that santa, you lazy ass. :p

Five People That I’m Infecting:

Santa, I didn’t mean that lazy ass remark. You know me, I’m all sarcastic, but deep down I really am a sweet, nice and lovely girl. πŸ™‚ Oh and by the way, have you had a chance to look at my Christmas wish list? πŸ˜‰

18 Comments on “Random Five”

  1. I had a cyst (it was about the size of a small orange) on one of my ovaries last year. They can really mess you up :|. Though, they do disappear, eventually~


  2. Tiffy: I had an ovarian cyst removed about five years ago, it was too big and my Gyno was worried it would burst, hopefully this one goes away and doesn’t have to be removed surgically like the last one.


  3. im yet another ovarian cyst girl although technically mind was more of a tumour (it was a dermoid cyst) i had to have the whole of my right ovary removed (the tumour was half the size of a football and had twisted my ovary around a bit hence the pain i was experiencing mainly in my back).

    i also have a smaller (about 4cm wide) cyst on my left ovary, but because i only have my left ovary left (they removed all of the right ovary as it was too fucked up) they are going to leave me with that one for as long as i can manage before i have the whole lot removed. time to get pregnant really πŸ˜‰

    hopefully your will have the type of cysts that go away on their own accord. unfortunately mine are the variety that just keep growing back, grr to being a girl!


  4. Powerbook – I’d only get that if I gave santa head.

    I would think a Powerbook is so worth giving Santa head for. Hell Kitta, if you won’t do it, send him my way! A little sucky sucky ain’t that bad. πŸ™‚


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  6. If it aint about porn, its about the latest medical disaster in your life…oh and throw in a bit of comedy! Quite a triumvirate of blog topics you got going on kitta! Somehow they all seem to mesh….


  7. Poor Kitta. I really hope you don’t need any surgery for the cyst– you’ve undergone too much medical drama as is. And just remember that even your shorter leg is much longer than both of mine, probably added together, so you still win at life. The End. πŸ™‚


  8. Ok, Im so with you on the watching reality shows. I dont know whats gotten into me! And yes, Family Plots is dreadful…but fabulous at the same time. As if I dont have anything better to do with my time? Ek!

    Anyway, Im hoping those cysts arent serious? Well, that sounded stupid, I mean, all cysts are bad. I mean, are you going to need surgery?

    ~Shells xoxo


  9. How ironic is that I’m listening to BSB right now… lol shhh don’t tell. πŸ˜‰

    The doctors believe that I could have a cyst due to my irregular patterns of being abnormal. Yeah.. something like that. So, you’re not alone on that boat, I’m there with you. The doctors also state that when/if I become normal again, I could possibly not have it. I really think they don’t know anything now. lol


  10. Amanda: I remember when I went in for my surgery years ago, my gyno talked about possibly removing my ovary if it was too bad or the cyst haemorrhaged, when I woke up in recovery the first words out of my mouth was “did he remove my ovary?” the nurses laughed and said “no it wasn’t too bad, he just removed the cyst”. He also said “well, one option is for you to get pregnant, but because you’re 14, we won’t go there”, haha. I hope this one goes away, although I have been in pain for some time now and it’s the same kind of constant pain I experienced when I had the last one.

    Jennifer: Haha, time for a booty call to Santa I think. πŸ˜‰

    Becca: But you have demented cookies, longer legs never win over demented cookies! πŸ˜€

    Shelli: Not sure yet, I go back to my specialist next Monday.

    Esther: Will do, shall I tell him you want his babies?

    Angela: Have they given you an ultrasound? That’s the best way to diagnose ovarian cysts. I’m not really irregular; I just have pain and abdominal distension. If you haven’t had an ultrasound yet, I would enquire about it.


  11. lol. you made me giggle especially on the last paragraph!

    oh yeah, check your myspace messages..i wrote you something concerning a faker/copier who was so stupid she used a pic of you with a “kitta.net” watermark.


  12. closet fan my arse!!!! We all know you’ve had a crush on Howie D for a thousand years… oh wait, that’s me!! LOL still dont think its a closet thing though!!


  13. Hey Kitta,

    My wife at the age of 19 got endometriosis. Not sure if you are familiar with this, but it was causing her severe lower abdomen paid. She eventually had to have surgery to help releave the pain, but many doctors misdiagnose this. She did have a cyst as well on her ovaries, but the endometriosis is where the pain came from I believe.

    One doctor went as far as to tell her she had Chlamedia. With her and I being away from each other during our college years, having that come up caused some heated conversations, but the truth is, we were both faithful and neither of us had it, so the doctor fucked up.

    Anyways, my post might be worthless at this point πŸ™‚ but just wanted to share.


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