The Grinch

The Grinch

Today I witnessed a middle aged man stealing ornaments off one of the many Christmas tree displays that litter the shopping centres during this festive season. As security grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the shiny ornaments, his defence was that he was taking them home to clean them, “they’re not clean enough” he shouted in dismay.

I think he left out the part where he sells them on eBay so he can buy midget toe sucking porn.

14 Comments on “The Grinch”

  1. why midget sucking tows…the best small sports car on the road wont need a tow,but maybe in Australia they’re kittens compared with the Kamikaze


  2. I once stole a Christmas ornament off of a door… But it was off of the door at a bar, and I was beyond drunk leaving it at closing time. Hopefully I won’t get coal in my stocking this year for that one. 😐


  3. Mooiness…. as it was once said on Family Guy, Midgets are like natures comic relief. So why not?

    Wow, I hope Karma doesn’t kick my ass for that one.


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