Risqué Interview

I recently did an interview for the lovely Marko, in which I confessed some of my deepest and darkest secrets; such as having fanboy’s lick chocolate pudding off of my body daily, secret talks with the Little Red Monkey, my Coke addiction, why I hire children to avoid ridicule, my first encounter with a keyboard that belonged to a child who never wanted to share and my plans of the great Kitta.net re-design.

It is so risqué it needs to be in one of those plastic covers you find on porn magazines.

16 Comments on “Risqué Interview”

  1. So.. I read through your risque interview with Marko (which i found rather interesting) and the part that jumped off the page at me was the portion on bookmarks. I can feel your pain on how unorganized bookmarks can dilute the soul. Since i neither have a website ( lacking of skills in programming and patience) nor the audience, i had an idea i wanted to pass along to you. What about posting your bookmarks as a section of the website. After researching the idea of embracing your bottem, posting your bookmarks, would be just another jumping point for the reader after they have read your posts.

    I have dreams of monkey’s too..


  2. As well as Kitta syndrome I believe you also have small blogger syndrome, its very similar to small man (napolean) syndrome. Symptoms include delusions of grandeur and uncontrolable urge to take over the planet by means of blog! I was http://www.ondering if you have thin wrists?(did you get my textual joke?) Because apparently Hitler and Napolean had thin wrists! Not that Im calling you the next antichrist or anything!


  3. Is this world *really* big enough for two monkeys? I took the liberty of setting up a duel between the Little Red Monkey and Mojo the SockMonkey. (Had I only known what chain of events that would set in motion….)

    Another commenter thought it might be better to just cut out the middle man (or woman, in this case) and have you wrestle Kevin (www.bearskinrug.co.uk) instead. Winner takes all of fifty cents!


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