Luke's 25th

We threw Luke a surprise 25th birthday party Friday night, it was a fun night full of rubber chicken loving, bad dancing, singing Noodlez, drinking, little boy jokes and people taking photos of my crotch and ass (don’t ask), below is some photographic evidence of the night…

Lukes 25th

We have an inside joke about Luke getting, ahh, intimate with chickens (only bird flu free ones of course), so someone gave him a rubber chicken as a birthday present. He was not amused, and for the rest of the night refused to be in the vicinity of Miss Rubicken, he even threw her on the roof at one point. No rubber chicken loving.

Note: No chickens were hurt during the making of this party.

Lukes 25th

Tahlia brought a very interesting looking victory stick with her to the party, Candy could not help herself and promptly licked it, she likes licking things (and she is so kicking my ass for that statement).

Lukes 25th

Dahhhlinnnggg, I am so pimpin it! I wore Noodlez pimp hat for a majority of the night.

Lukes 25th
Lukes 25th
Lukes 25th

Sparklers provided copious amounts of entertainment during the night.

Lukes 25th

Tiffy is looking a bit too seductive for her age. We teach her well.

Lukes 25th
Lukes 25th

Note to self: Never hold a cake while someone blows out the candles, wax hurts, afterwards I said to Luke “what were you doing, trying to be kinky?”

Lukes 25th

Someone handed me the pimp stick and I said “is it hard? I like my sticks hard.” I’m all class.

Highlight of the night for me has to be Noodlez singing “I wanna take my clothes off”, and me capturing the moment on video. Yes ladies, he is single! 😉

14 Comments on “Luke's 25th

  1. he even threw her on the roof at one point. I think that it was on the roof more than once… and i think that Miss Rubicken had more of an affair with Justin. It was always in his posession….

  2. Big Luke is an old man now!!! HAHAHAH 25 and over the hill!! Gee 25, like to be that age again!! -20 years 😉 Happy brithday old time, I hope you didn’t drink to many kegs of beer.

    Dan M. MA. USA

  3. That looks like a wonderful time– happy 25th, Luke! Hopefully the next 25 years will be just as full of friends and good memories. 🙂

  4. Be careful with those pimpsticks! They can be deadly if grabbed the wrong way! Oh yeah…I’m classy too.

    I’ve actually never heard of a victory stick. I must be really out of the loop.

  5. This is a weird, but I went to high school with the guy holding the rubber chicken in the first photo. David. I always wondered if you guys MAYBE knew each other (mostly due to my ignorance of Subiaco culture) – but maybe my ignorant suspicions were well-founded!

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