MRI Thoughts

Ten things I thought while having the MRI yesterday

  1. Candy is wrong, this is sooo not like a morgue, morgue’s are cold and this is deliciously warm.
  2. If only they had a TV in here, I could go for watching the latest House right now.
  3. Woah. Watching a character on House have an MRI while I have an MRI. Now there’s a mind fuck.
  4. I am never going to get the taste of the stuff they made me drink out of my mouth, nice lemony taste my ass!
  5. Ok, I can not hold my breath for more than 20 seconds, interesting, clearly I must still have Asthma.
  6. 63 bottles of lemony tasting crap on the wall… 63 bottles of lemony tasting crap… if one of those bottle accidentally falls, less bottles of crap to drink!
  7. I so could go to sleep right now if I didn’t have to participate in the whole holding my breath thing.
  8. I’m not what sure is worse, lemony tasting crap or evil contrast taste.
  9. It would so suck if the whole world went Resident Evil and you were in here when the zombies attacked. There should totally be an escape button in here in case zombies do attack.
  10. I wonder who is in IRC right now?

It really, really, really, REALLY… is boring having an MRI. I seem to have lost my voice today, not sure if it is connected to the contrast or not, I might go to the doctor tomorrow if it doesn’t return after a dose of antihistamine. I logged into IRC today and told a few friends about my lack of voice…

Kitta: Anyone seen my voice? I seem to have misplaced it. 😦
Phobia: `voice kitta
Phobia: :p
-ChanOP- You were voiced on #lrmf by Phobia
* ChanOP sets mode: +v Kitta

If only life was as easy as IRC.

22 Comments on “MRI Thoughts”

  1. I might go to the doctor tomorrow if it doesn’t return after a dose of antihistamine.

    MIGHT go, WTF. You better, or you’ll be getting an arse whooping, from someone else, im to scared to try 😛

    How many bottles of lemony crap were left by the end?


  2. The contrast agent used in MRI scans is typically a substance called Gadolinium (Gd) that has been ligand bound to another agent (either DTPA, albumin, dextran or other agents). basically allows the MRI to see things with greater detail and definition because of a greater contrast between tissue types.
    may taste bad but just be grateful it wasn’t bowel prep material (eg golytely or colonlytely)- but given your story to date it wouldnt surprise me if you’ve already had these also.


  3. Jennifer: try, or

    Coralie: As MDMT said, it’s a dye injected via IV during an MRI scan.

    MDMT: Been there, done Colonlytely. I also had to have some sort of prep before the MRI to distend my upper GI.

    Update…I’m still without voice and my asthma (which has been dormant for months) has been triggered, it’s quite strange, I feel fine otherwise. I’m going to the doctors tomorrow.


  4. My thoughts are with you. Hope the come up with something to determine your problem this time. I am feeling a lot better, getting use to all this.


  5. awww, I remember when my life was life, life, irc, life… but I don’t know any of the cool channels to talk on anymore… but then again, maybe it’s just not my scene anymore, but it was quite fun.


  6. just thought i’d mention, my sister is visiting you kitta (i don’t know, they may already be gone). she’s on the nimitz aircraft carrier.


  7. Well i hope you hear back from them soon. Hey if they don’t work you should mention you want a HIDA scan. Goes a little more into the body than an MRI.


  8. I’m really really badly allergic to contrast. you are meant to turn a pale yellow, I turn red. and then blue.

    Nurse: ok, now remember, stay still
    Me: scratch. shit. why am I always itchy when I have to stay still
    Nurse: stay still
    me: wow, claustrophobic, breathing kinda getting hard
    nurse: please control your breathing
    me: I’m realy itchy
    nurse: please stay still or we will have to do this again.
    me: *starts to climb out* um no. and was those blotches meant to happen?

    By the time they pulled the stretcher thing out I ended up passing out and they had to stick a tube down my throat so it wouldn’t constrict and I got hives everwhere.
    MRI = bad.

    almost as bad as the time I got oethed up and flashed the ultrasound guy.
    Hope your results all came up clean and cool.


  9. i just had an mri myself, and i must say, it being 2005 and all, you think they would be able to construct a machine that isn’t so damn loud. i mean a little effort people!


  10. Of all the things eveyone’s said here about their MRI’s, does anyone question the doc’s BEFORE getting these things? I mean, show me a machine powerful enough to move your molecules around in your body, and I’ll tell you how the DNA structure between those cells in your body cause CANCER. Yep, that’s right! Tamper with DNA, it’s a sure way to cause cancer. Wise up, folks! (Of course, God forbid, we should question the doctors who have the license to do these things)


  11. Ann: No, we all just went “MRI?! Weeeeee-yayyyyyy-wooooooo, I want to ride in the MRI machine now, give me that fun contrast!” when our doctor’s mentioned it. In my case, it was either an MRI or an invasive procedure and/or surgery which would have caused me to be hospitalised for days, I asked questions and weighed up the pros and cons and decided upon the MRI because it the best way to diagnose my illness. You shouldn’t assume that people are too stupid to question medical professionals and make frivolous comments that defame others intelligence just so you can fluff your ego-embossed feathers and regurgitate erroneous information.

    Just living day-to-day causes CANCER (I’m going along with your theme of putting words in capitals to make them more vociferous), factors such as; powerlines, ultraviolet radiation, fried or overheated carbohydrate foods, alcohol, microwaves, broiling or barbecuing protein-rich foods, phones, smoking, TV’s, computers (fuck me, it’s killing me right now), drugs, chemicals, and I’m sure even midgets high on crack could if they put their mind to it (get out midgets, get out!)

    Cancer occurs when the DNA sequence within a gene is altered in such a way that the gene can no longer instruct the cell in which it resides to produce the normal version of the protein it encodes (not the “DNA structure between cells”, there is no DNA outside of cells, nor the nuclear membrane that protects human DNA). This occurrence is called a mutation within the gene and it normally takes multiple mutations before cancer occurs. Mutations of our DNA are occurring constantly due to environmental factors, however, a single uncorrected mutation event will not guarantee cancer, and rather multiple mutations are required. This is why cancer occurs only after years of exposure to a carcinogen (smoking, sun, ionizing radiation, asbestos, etc).

    MRI scans save lives and are a crucial technological development for diagnosing medical conditions, including cancer, without its development thousands of people would die yearly because their conditions would be undiagnosed.


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