Marry Me

I have had a few marriage proposals in my short 21 years of life, some drunken, others serious and a few plain insane, I even had a counter up on this site at one point to keep track of them all because it became some what of a running joke, but the one below from Sergio takes the cake…

Sergio: You know, I’m getting tired of all this dating stuff…
Sergio: You’re nice, and not too bad on the eyes. I can’t stand you, but at least I know you…
Sergio: Wanna marry me?
Nikita: Hahaha…
Sergio: That a no? Bugger.
Nikita: That’s a big flying fucking hell no.
Sergio: Dammit.
Nikita: I think the “I can’t stand you” part was the deal breaker.

Be still my beating heart. Sergio really knows how to woo the ladies.

17 Comments on “Marry Me”

  1. Thats great, another line that will help me add to my collection of rejections, let me see, have I asked Kitty yet?

    This is probably not the right time. Later!


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  3. Definitely an IM’ed marriage proposal is a first in my list… maybe not as stylishly worded as Sergio’s but what could be more romantic than a bunch of ascii characters popping up in a window?
    On a second thought… my heart would be broken if she said:
    “The deal breaker was the font you used, you tasteless bloke”

    Oh well, maybe we’re ahead of our time.


  4. I’d read your marriage retorts, they are actually quite clever. Do you plan them in advance if you suspect that someone might ask you? It is always best to maximize the comedy in those situations, for the benifit of the other person. Kind of like the proposal in the “Happiness” movie.


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