Pimp Daddy Nood

I received a bill today from Noodlez Pimping Services. I enlisted their pimping services a few weeks back when Luke and I started dating, I thought “hey, a pimp might help”, little did I know what said pimp was charging me…

pimp bill

Pimp Daddy Nood is one damn expensive pimp! I was saving up for a Powerbook, but this bill is going to eat into half of my savings. Luke and I broke up yesterday (I won’t go into details), so I have to pay some silly MDP fee because of the early break up instigated by me.

Now, where did I put my health card?

23 Comments on “Pimp Daddy Nood”

  1. (Damn, that monkey gets wordier and wordier…)

    Hope you’re feeling okay about everything. Oh – and let me know the name of a good madam. I can pay cash up front if the gear be good enough.


  2. You might want to hold off on the Powerbook until after the 20th, when they hold the Paris Expo. It’s rumored (rumoured?) that the PowerBooks will get a small performance bump.


  3. Noodlez: Just wanted to let you know that my blog advertising bill is in the mail. πŸ˜‰

    Greyarea: So I heard, I wouldn’t get one before the 20th since I only have $700 so far.

    Darhorse: I am not here for your amusement. :p

    Baron: Hehe, Luke’s not Noodlez’s type. πŸ˜‰

    Bob: Shall do.


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  5. I don’t know why you paying all that money for a Pimp service! their are many out there who might like to go out with someone. if you not looking for a Rock Hudson type!! If you not to fussy and looking for looks money and job type.


  6. Kitta: Does your pimp have a flashy suit and all the rings on his finger and drive a Cadillac?? for that price I bet he do.. must pimp carry a switchblade with them!!!


    Dan M.


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