Conversation I had with my magic 8 ball

Kitta: Bob sent me a magic 8 ball and I’m asking it all sorts of questions, it’s so much easier than thinking.
Kitta: Should I go make dinner?
8 ball: Why not?
Phobia: Ask your 8 ball if I should go and buy dinner.
Kitta: Should Phobia go buy dinner?
8 ball: How should I know?
Kitta: Well, you are a mother fucking 8 ball.
8 ball: Sure.
Kitta: Don’t take that tone of voice with me young 8 ball!
8 ball: I’m cool with that.
Phobia: OMG, that 8 ball is pretty cool.
Kitta: Go to your room.
8 ball: No way!

I think my 8 ball is possessed by a smart assed teenager. 😕

10 Comments on “Conversation”

  1. Hehehe pretty funny. Did that once with an 8 ball to see my future, I’m gonna have 6 wives, a flying dog called spot and rule the world as the next dictator. (I was 8)


  2. I wouldn’t be too shocked unless your 8-ball decided to pierce and tatoo everything and lock itself in its room, listening to Linkin Park, all damn day. Then I’d be shocked…


  3. Nina: I just hope it doesn’t get knocked up by the first cute 8 ball that winks at her and has 8 ball babies 8 months later.

    Jack Hartley: Good idea.

    Phobia: Give it time, it’ll learn. :p

    Youkie: It said “Yeah right!”


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