Have you ever noticed that the Westnet’s logo resembles something, something that a company wouldn’t want their logo to resemble…


Like Goatse.

Some of my friends (whom I won’t name because they’d probably get Dooced) work there and whenever they email me from their work address I can’t help but laugh at the logo attachment.

I don’t think it’s their service that sets them apart, it’s their logo. 😉

18 Comments on “Westse.cx”

  1. Seeing goatse referenced so many times I finally decided to hunt the picture down after reading about it here today… I sincerely regret it. I will now try to wash my brain out with lava soap.


  2. Apprently one of the tech dudes showed one of the high up bosses what goatse was. So would have loved to have been there to see his face. lol


  3. You have have just ruined my job. I can’t look at the logo anymore without seeing Goatse. Thankyou! You know how many times i look at that logo a day?? Probably about 100 times, damn i wish i had never heard of goatse!!


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