Beautiful Lips

The worst pick up line anyone has ever used on me was said to me on my first day of high school and forever set the tone of my high school days…


Guy trying to pick up: Hey, you have really beautiful lips.
Me: Why, tha…

He interrupts me off before I could finish thanking him.

Guy trying to pick up: They’d be great for giving head.

Little tip fellas, do not follow up a compliment with sexual harassment, it never goes down well.

23 Comments on “Beautiful Lips”

  1. Your first day of high school?.

    Man, that boy obviously had older brothers. Im sure I didnt even know what head was when I was 12.


  2. I read the first paragraph and thought, I bet I can beat her.. then I read the entire thing and thought.. no.

    What a stupid, silly little man butit made me smile a little on the inside.

    I had a guy shout out at me “WHATS YOUR NAME!!?!” yesterday. As if scaring the shit out of me is going to score you points mate.


  3. Well, at least he was right about you having beautiful lips, from that point on, however, it is apparent that this fellow was thinking with the wrong brain. Men have two brains and one is always taking the blood away from the other causing a brief laps of thought,(in some cases, more then brief) leaving you with the ending remark.


  4. A friend of mine witnessed the same pickup line being used in a bar. He swears (the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!) that it worked.
    (i.e. she left the premises with the guy, any further developments were outside the scope of his testimony).


  5. That’s not even worthy of being called “the worst pick up line ever.” Christ, have people no decency? I think I can answer that question on my own, actually.


  6. One time I was walking down the block and some guy actually flashed his hands at me and said, “look at me look at me look at me!” and then tried to grab my thigh. WEIRD!


  7. Guys in school are fucking morons and sadly it doesn’t change when their older either lol infact they get worse i do believe. Only they learn to not say what their thinking. No wonder many women are lesbians


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