Out Of Sight

You know you need to book an eye appointment when you put on you 52 year old mothers (36 in Mum years) glasses and can see out of them perfectly, crystal clear. You have a moment or two where you switch the glasses on and off trying to figure out just how bad your eyes are, focusing on a far off street sign, and you finally laugh nervously about just how bad your eye sight has become.

You blame your eyes, good for nothing eyes, they should have paid more attention to the thousands of mail outs that the optometrist has sent you over the years – “where are you, are you dead? Think of your eyes, make an appointment today!” the letters scream from their glossy housing on the leaflet that also promotes a buy one pair get one free offer – and less attention to the camera house brochures. You dare not go back to the optometrist. You fear they will take your eyes away from you because you have neglected them so badly.

You’ve been a terrible eye parent.

14 Comments on “Out Of Sight”

  1. It’s even worse when you find out that your glasses are no
    more efficient to correct your sight..
    Or when you have to go to the glasses shop and try so many
    glasses, but each of them makes you look dumber..
    Or maybe I’m projecting..?


  2. Glasses or not, doesnt take away the fact that you have beautiful eyes, sometimes glasses even magnify that fact.
    Be proud of your eyes and go get a new perscribtion.

    Second thought, I haven’t been in years either, guess I shouldn’t talk, never mind.


  3. it’s interesting how the comments on your blog automatically turn to sex kitta, anyway don’t blame anything other than TV, computers, cell phones and tiny print for having to go to the eye pople.


  4. Nikita why not consider an ophthalmologist for your long-overdue eye check-up? You need a referral from your doctor, of course. But booking an appointment with the Lions Eye Institute in nedlands would be wise…


  5. Tom: That’s sweet.

    Gussy: 😛

    Char: We can be incompetent together.

    Amanda: Yes, I could blog about paint drying and the comments would read “paint drying is so sexy!”

    David Cohen: I doubt I need to see an ophthalmologist – I’d prefer to see an optometrist first – and if I was to see one I’d see my relative who is one so I could get a family discount.


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