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A few days ago I received a package from Ryan, it contained some Technorati stickers and a shirt that I begged asked him for. In return he asked me to post photos of them on Flickr, so I did, and I am now going to be forever remembered as that technorati tummy girl. As Ryan said, of all the things he’s accomplished at his internship at Technorati, him sending me a Technorati shirt and me modelling it will probably be the one everyone remembers.

There has been some speculation as to who wears their Technorati swag best, Paolo and Ryan suggested a poll to find out who looks more sexy in their Technorati swag. So here it is…

Who is the hottest Technorati swagger?


Myself, well more like my tummy, looking sexy in a white short sleeved Technorati shirt.


Paolo who isn’t actually wearing a Technorati shirt, but since he went to so much effort making a fake one he’s being including. In the above picture he is trying to recreate my now famous tummy pose. I think this is a start of a meme.


Eris is sporting a lovely transparent Technorati sticker on her chest which is framed nicely by her silky hair.


Niall is wearing a black short sleeved Technorati shirt and doing an alluring ‘leaning on the desk’ pose.


Matt is wearing the black long sleeved Technorati shirt and expressing the ‘go away coding’ look.

Leave your vote in the in the comments, voting closes on Sunday the 14th of August 2005. May the best swagger win.

28 Comments on “Technorati Poll”

  1. While all the nominees look fantastic, your tummy pic is the hottest, and there can only really be one winner, right? On the other hand, you can’t win on your own blog, can you? Oh the dichotomy. What to do… how to vote… :-/


  2. I think we need a prize for the winner.
    What about a real technorati shirt? And since all the other players already have one, I guess … (Yep I’m trying any mean way to get the lousy shirt πŸ˜‰
    P.s.: I’m the one in the second picture, vote for me please! πŸ˜‰


  3. Woooo, in fact, everyone in the entry look alright. All have their own ‘the Force’. But personally, If I were to vote t-shirts I might want to wear, it’ll be Niall’s.
    black ones with green logo, I love them just as the Apple’s promotion t-shirts.


  4. Hottest hey, out of the guys, totally paolo. Out of the ladies, totally kitta. minx. So it is a tough decision, but i think that kitta wins. BUT if a prize is to go out, i should get it for being so cool πŸ˜›
    I’m sure that i will pass something on to Paolo, maybe a sticker.


  5. Please give that guy a longer shirt. Kitta wins hands downs and tee shirts up. Eris has improve my love of transparent stickers too.(very hot)


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