Vesna's Vagina

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Vesna from Australian Big Brother talks about her vagina a bit too much? She’s been washing her vagina, scared for her vagina’s well being, singing about her vagina and talking non-stop about her bloody amazingly multitalented vagina. I predict her vagina will be more famous than she will on her depart from the house…

Gretel: “Please welcome, Vagina! Oh, and umm… Vesna.”
Crowd, who are all dressed as vagina’s: “Wooohooo, Vagina, Vagina, Vagina…”

Look out for


Adam couldn’t resist registering and re-directing it to this entry. I should have seen that one coming.

17 Comments on “Vesna's Vagina”

  1. I’ve only seen a bit of it, although I have been to the studio when I went to Queensland [!!!]. It’s an alright show, but yeah. Not a major fan or anything.

    And I think it’s just her name. She keeps getting confused between Vesna and Vagina, so she’s actually talking about herself.


  2. If the ‘Mr Cunt’ entry wasn’t sufficient, this should help you keep your listing as porn site. I’m surprised the Google ads aren’t vagina-related.


  3. DAMN YOU KITTA!!! You have stolen the Vagina crown again!! 🙂

    I think i counted about 11-12 References to Vagina in there. I wonder if i can take the vagina crown from you? Mmm that would be interesting, i wonder what the vagina crown looks like? A vagina?? See i have no way of getting near your vagina heights. Maybe i should have another crown? Lucky i dont watch BB, im to sad cause i watch Neighbours instead. That is my trashy TV for the day.


  4. //I’m surprised the Google ads aren’t vagina-related.//

    Damn. I get vagina-related Google ads all the time. It’s a nuisance. Seriously but, if your personality is that dull you have to find something interesting about yourself. I’m sure the guys aren’t complaining about her constant minge-wingeing.


  5. lol Adam, that’s so wicked!
    I don’t watch reality TV, because reality is all around me already!! besides the nitwits in these porgrams are just a giagantic bore… in the shape of a immensely mutilated vagina, errr! (which rhymes with angina).


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