Right o

Kitta: Right o.
Sergio: Right o?
Sergio: Dude, you just lost like a gajillion points of cool.
Sergio: Right o… jeez.
Sergio: What’s next? “Tubular”?
Sergio: “Oopsie daisy”?
Kitta: Why don’t you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself.
Sergio: I love pissing you off.
Kitta: I love retorting.
Sergio: You write so mean when you’re pissed off.
Kitta: Only for you, baby.
Kitta: Only you.
Sergio: It warms my heart, it does.

13 Comments on “Right o”

  1. I plan to say “Tubular” at least 5 times today. I think the name Sergio is funny in itself, I love his parents already.

    Hope you’re well.


  2. Woah, dudette, what a totally gnarly conversation! I’d be chillin’ some more, but I gotta break.

    Catch all you groovy cats on the flipside.

    Later days.


  3. I find saying things like Right-o seem much cooler when said with a british accent. Also things like Toodle pip, tally ho and others can be cool 🙂


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