London Bombings

I was in a shopping centre today when it happened, and as I walked around I wondered why it was so eerily quiet, it was the first days of the great yearly toy sale and normally parents are wrestling each other for the last Bratz or Roboraptor. Not today.

On the way home I turned on the radio and it was then that I heard about the bombings in London and I realised why the shops were so quiet at that time.

I hate the feeling you get when you first hear about it, you try to do a tally of friends and family in your head and your mind races. The Brit Pack all seem to be fine, I’m just wondering about a few loved ones, but I’m sure they are all fine. No point clogging up the already congested phone lines. Turns out they’re fine. 🙂

I hope all your friends and family are safe and sound as well.

15 Comments on “London Bombings”

  1. I know how you feel I woke up today and it was all over the internet my cousin is in Europe but luckily he was in Switzerland it is just terrible that things like this have to happen.


  2. I remember my 18th(back theen in the US the drinking age was that) I went out with friends and woke up in the back of a pickup truck.. didnt know how I got there or how. Yes the good old days 🙂 happy birthday kitta

    Dan M USA


  3. P/s I end up with a major hangover… I meant to say I didnt know how or why I got there it was moring when I woke up in the back of the bar. I didn’t know whos pickup it was either. nice friends right left me there !!!

    Dan M USA


  4. I heard about it last night because mum and dad were waching skynews.
    What car do you drive? it just sounded like you have a car in your post :).


  5. I was meant to be in London yesterday for a meeting but luckily it was postponed. A few of my friends had far closer encounters. Everyone I care about is fine, luckily. I’m frankly amazed London coped as well as it did. I just wish everything would get back to normal quickly. I’d rather not dwell on it.

    What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and all that. I wish Tony Blair would stop making comments on London’s behalf though.


  6. I’m annoyed, upset, and also glad to be alive.
    Selfishly relieved that they didn’t attack Birmingham, although we’ve had bomb scares quite a lot over the years.

    The louder the bomb, the quieter the voice.
    What they did solves nothing.


  7. london was completely messed up but only for one day, the bastards didnt achieve a lot, just killed and injured innocent people, bastards


  8. Dan, you posted your comments on the wrong entry.

    Sally, no I’m one of those terribly lazy 20 year old who are yet to get their license.


  9. Yep sure did Silly me!!! now you have to turm me over you knee lol lol sorry about that I thought I click on the right one,



  10. Glad to hear that all your friends and family are safe. How these people can feel that killing and injuring unarmed civilians makes them any more the cowards and murders is beyond me.


  11. How did it sound like she had a car? I never know what to comment about posts like this, everything is so obviously tragic but I’m so lost for words and filled with saddness. Well done for being able to stitch a post together about it.


  12. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! (in both a good way and bad)

    TONIGHT was the night my brother’s band FRONTLINE were playing the NEC in Birmingham.
    BUT on the train on the way there the train in front of us had a “Suspect Package” alert and we had to roll STRAIGHT THROUGH the station we were supposed to get to and was nearly late for the gig!!

    In other news… My Bro’s band fricken ROCKED! …yes yes.


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