21st Ideas

On August 2nd of this year I will be turning 21 years old – a milestone birthday to some people – it will mean I can legally drink all over the world, woo-yay. The only problem is I have no bloody idea what to do for my birthday, nada, nothing, zip, crap all.

So dear readers, I’m open to your suggestions, ideas and thoughts on what I you think I should do for my 21st birthday, but please note…

  • Drinking is out due to my current health problems (Damn, and I really wanted to partake in the local ritual of getting so drunk you need a good old stomach pumping… Yes, I am being sarcastic).
  • It’s winter here and bloody cold outside (Ok, not frostbite cold, but I’m Australian and anything below 15 degrees is cold to us).
  • In no way will it involve a male stripper, I don’t do strippers (I mean it Candy).
  • Neither will it involve me stripping (I mean it Sergio and Taylor).
  • Funds are limited (I have fun doctors bills to pay).

Hopefully we can come up with something decent and alcohol free.

Speaking of birthday’s…

Karen Cheng just celebrated her birthday in style, Sergio Villarreal is about to celebrate his on the 14th and my brothers 22nd birthday is at the end of this month. Birthday’s all around.

35 Comments on “21st Ideas”

  1. Huh. Whaddaya know – youre a Leo. So much explained. πŸ™‚

    The Rock Option:
    You should come to see Regurgitator and Snowman the day before my birthday (ie on the 11th) at the Leopold. Its gonna be sweeeeeeet.

    The Geek Option:
    A LAN. You know you want to!

    The Peaceful Option:
    Dinner and a movie, maybe bowling or something, with your closest friends (I did that for my 20th and it was much fun). They pay their own way because they love you – or have it at home like youre 35 and “entertaining” with a dinner party. Make people bring casseroles. Actually, maybe Ill do that instead…


  2. Im 21 next week. I personally am rather in denial im old and thus far this year i’ve been constantly sick so it’s like pfft whatever.
    Why don’t you just go out for dinner or something? I know im having the usual family get together with a few friends invited etc that you are close with. Although i am doing that and having a bender we have decided to escape the hicks of Bunbury and migrate to perth. But if you can’t do a lot jsut do something small and intimate πŸ™‚ Good times are always had with those you love.


  3. Also, one thing we have done for a pregnant friend and it was a great time Was making mock tails, coming up with crazy concotions and a more adult pass the parcel which i wanna have again for my bday. Just do lame crazy things like that but make it interesting.


  4. Take a class on something you’ve always wanted to or try out something exciting like bungie jumping, scuba diving, or sky diving

    You only get one trip around in this crazy life so make it as fun as you can.


  5. I turned 21 about 5 months ago and decided I didn’t want to do the whole “drink all night and wake up three days later” thing so I invited a bunch of friends out to dinner at a local hangout. More fun than getting drunk and you actually remember it.


  6. Damn no male strippers? No booze?

    Well you can invite your girl pals and pull an all nighter.. Movies popcorn, pizza and pillowfights…


  7. Doctor’s bills, eh? In that case, come to Canada for your birthday. And stay. That way you’ll never have to pay another healthcare-related expense again πŸ˜‰


  8. have everyone dressed up as some species of monkey or another… or whatever animal they think they are, and go bowling in it! πŸ˜€

    then hog’s breath after that (i don’t know if u have it there. we have it here in canberra but i found out that melbourne doesnt have it o.o but they serve good steak).

    then disco ice skating if u guys have that disco bit there….

    yay πŸ˜€

    happy birthday in advance btw πŸ™‚


  9. Although I’m sure you’ll make it a beautiful day, I feel sorry for all those people who have to think of something to give you on your big day. 21st are a serious mind blow, in my opinion. Maybe you should write a list, a wedding list but not, if you see what I mean.

    Good luck on ideas, I’m pretty much useless here.


  10. I like the idea of getting together with close friends, sharing stories about the birthday girl with each other. Or a shopping trip with them, dinner and then a show, concert, something…


  11. Hows about a costume party? You name the theme. Or dinner at some nice but cheap buffet place. Who’s invited?


  12. I hate to spoil your fun but it’s not exaclty legal ‘all over the world’ to drink. Thanks to the religion that gave us the word ‘alcohol’.
    Iran’s fun though, I’ve been there and there’s (illegal) booze too.
    Enjoy you 21th birthday, mine was 21 years ago…


  13. What could be more fun then a shopping day with a friend or group of friends. This does require money, but, hey, its your birthday, maybe someone else will pay. But even window shopping can be fun. Nothing beats good times with good friends.


  14. HIT THE ROAD!!!…

    i mean it, take a ride for at last 5 days (more if posible) travel all along your country (which i tink is wonderfull) or come to mine (Mexico), or any were else.

    money just for gas, and basic food like snaks (just enoug to sostain you ) take your cam whit you and share some photos whit us.

    if your are`nt planning get waster or hire a striper you will make it whit very little money actualy, if you take friendos whit you (recomended) it will be easy colect money for gas.

    I did my trip when i turn 22 (im 24 now) and it whas a life expirience whit zero consequences.

    think about it.


  15. I reckon have a LAN party, people bring their computers (prefebly powerbooks) and their ipods, lots of nibleys, watch an anime movie or two and really geek it out you know. Hire a digital projector and project the xBox onto a big wall and play cheesy fighter games like DOA ultimate, with someones iPod Dj’ing the party, and I dunno some play parlor games maybe or have like a mock fashion show πŸ˜€


  16. Oh, darling, I must post a blog entry very similar to this, since my 21st is also coming in August. Please don’t hate me for not being creative, but hate me because I am beautiful. πŸ™‚


  17. My friends 21st is also next month and she’s having a sunset cruise with close friends and then she’s having a dinner thing at a tavern with friends and family, should be a good night.


  18. Grab ya mates, jump on ferry to rotto and get a cabin for the night (or 2). Then take it as it comes…


  19. Powerbooks? You cant play Warcraft on a Powerbook.

    Okay, so you can. But that doesnt make it right. You need a right mouse button!


  20. When I turn 21 next April, I sincerely promise I’ll construct a time machine from empty milk-cartons and sticky tape, and come back to inform you precisely of how it went. But as it stands now, I’m all for the geek option. Since I don’t drink either, don’t enjoy the cold, nor male strippers, and am averse to spending large amounts of money, my birthday parties generally have been geekfests of such proportions as to make the fashionable shiver in their sleep and the trendy stumble in their swaggered strides.

    If you don’t melt at least one power grid for this birthday occasion, I’ll be very disappointed in you.


  21. Of course LAN PARTY is the first option!!! =D
    But since it’s cold over there, i came up with a spare plan.

    A bathtub filled with hot water, a good book, and a glass of red wine.

    If you really don’t want to drink ANY alcohol, you may want to switch to a bowl of chantilly covered strawberries, or even some plain dark chocolate, or both. =9

    You may also want to switch the book by some company. ;D


  22. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, IÒ€ℒm still thinking about it, I’m also not sure if I’ll be having some tests the day before it which would void any big plans. πŸ˜•


  23. I agree with metao. I was going to suggest having a lan. Cant go wrong with that. Not too energitic, yet can still have fun catching up with people.


  24. Take a trip to Hawaii? lol j/k…

    Anyone here play WoW? =]

    Congrats on the attaining non-dialup status, ma’am!


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