Chair people

Kitta: You know what bugs me…
Sergio: What?
Sergio: People who pretend they’re chairs?
Sergio: That bugs me.
Sergio: Fuckers go against the wall and bend their knees.
Sergio: Look damn stupid.
Sergio: Goddamn grin on their faces.
Sergio: As if they’re the very first ones to think of the stupid, stupid trick.
Kitta: I’m so blogging that.

Talking to Sergio is always so intriguing, you never know what he will say next.

11 Comments on “Chair people”

  1. I met Sergio at SXSW. We shared a few beers, pretended like we were chairs (don’t let him fool you, he’s the king of that shit) and dropped many an f’bomb.

    Crazy, crazy dude that Sergio. But fun to hang with and cool enough.


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  3. “Kitta said:

    Jackson, people who go on about CSS, yet still use tables. If you’re going to talk the talk, code the code.”

    We should write div on a piece of 4×2 and smack them around the head with it 😛


  4. Just make sure you don’t anger those chair people. Thighs of steel! One kick could send you flying so far you’d be able to start taking full advantage of CSS 3, and have it fully supported by all browsers (‘cept IE of course, it’ll never work properly).

    Keg: Don’t do that, ‘cos then they’ll just replace the tables with nested divs. *shudder*


  5. Kyle: LOLROFL!! Oh, shit, I had totally forgotten about that! And, nah, man. You can do the chair. You’re cool (hell, I even asked you to marry me!)


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