Wet Wood


We have a wood fire in our house. I light it every night during winter mainly for warmth, but also because, well, I’m a former pyro. I was lighting to fire last night when I noticed the wood was so wet that it wouldn’t light…

Me: This wood is too… Ouch.

My voice trailed off into an ‘ouch’ after a bit of wood moved and brushed against my hand, my mother tried to finish off what I was saying…

Mum: Dry… I hate when it’s too dry.
Me: What?
Mum: The wood, when it’s dry it doesn’t burn.
Me: Ah huh.

My brother starts laughing.

Me: Damn that dry wood, if only it was wet.
Mum: What?
Me: You said the wood wouldn’t burn if it’s dry, when you meant to say wet.
Mum: Oh yeah, I meant wet wood won’t burn.
Me: Mmm.
Me: Those damn dry tree’s, you’d think they would have the decency to stay hydrated after being cut down.
Mum: Alright, very funny.

10 Comments on “Wet Wood”

  1. Hey, where’s the bit where you pour petrol in there to give it a helping hand?

    I hate wood-fires, lol. We have one. But why don’t you let it burn all day as well, so that you don’t have to light it every night.


  2. Baron, we don’t have enough wood to let it burn all day long and it only takes 5 minutes to light if you’ve got some small sticks.

    Smallest Photo, I’ve been meaning to give it a go, my brother has a computer chip one (sort of like the Eprom Necklace) which is quite cool.


  3. Hiya, I’ve just come back from WA (to Singapore), and we had wood fireplaces in some of the places we stayed in. They’re fun – I used tourist brochures to get them started when I ran out of newspapers, Not as fun as fireball soccer, though.

    Oh, Kitta – you should really try making geek-jewellery, they’re actually really easy. Take this one for example. I made one by myself using nothing but a pair of scissors. (I used telephone wire, though, didn’t have any more spare cat5).

    Fancy finding this amazing site AFTER returning from Perth…


  4. Nic Seow, I’ve been thinking about making some geek jewellery for a few years, ever since my brother made a computer ship necklace. And I’ve seen the Zellstyle ones (and linked to them), they’re pretty cool.


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