On eBay


I’m eBay some of my clothes that I no longer wear or have never worn, including gorgeous dusty pink Cooper St. Clothing bustier that was given to me as a gift and has never fitted me, there’s also quite a few pre-loved clothes. Go take a look and bid on anything you fancy, I’ll be adding more tomorrow night.

7 Comments on “On eBay”

  1. hehe the heading title on the page you link to was “Women and Clothing accessories items at low prices”

    Score! I’m gonna get myself a woman! At a low price!


  2. scarey thought, people might be able to take your DNA from your clothes and clone a another KITTA,

    ever want a mini KITTA heres yours chance ,…..



  3. Hey nice site! What do you use Linux for?

    Check out the book “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein. I think you’ll dig it!


  4. Very cute clothing! I love them all, but unfortunately I have these hefty breasts that won’t dare stay in anything cute and braless. Damn breasts.


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