Home Again

The tests didn’t go exactly to plan and I ended up in hospital for a lot longer than I thought I would be…

I felt really ill on Thursday morning when I arrived at the hospital, but the nurses all said it was normal and we were good to go, so they gave me a sedative and did the tests. I woke up in recovery a few hours later feeling like shit, I kind of felt worse than I thought I would feel, but again they insisted I was fine and gave me something to drink, which I managed to keep it down until the ride home when I threw it all up again. I thought it would be only once and didn’t really worry about it because I thought they had given me some anti-nausea medication that I requested, (I always throw up for hours and hours after sedation) but as it turns out I never got it.

When I got home I drank a bit more water and slept for a bit, but I woke up throwing up again and I couldn’t keep anything down and I knew I was getting dehydrated because I had hardly any urine output, a dry mouth and throat and I was lethargic. For some reason it only takes me a few hours to get to a severely dehydrated point.

I went to the hospital’s emergency department at about 6pm. The nurses didn’t think too much of me and gave me a hydralyte icy pole, which made me want to throw up with every lick I took. I could only take a few licks even though I took some Zofran Zydis (aka Ondansetron, which was left over from my last hospital stay in February) earlier, it didn’t seem to help at all. Three hours later I was still sitting there battling the urge to throw up air, I guess, since there was nothing else for me to throw up, the nurse finally got me to do a ketone test and it showed my ketones were terribly low, suddenly I was rushed in, given a bed and put on a glucose drip. The doctor was there within a few minutes said I was severely dehydrated and I had to stay the night on a few bags of fluids, he also gave me some Stemital and it helped my nausea.

I was moved to observation at about 10pm and the doctor said I’d get a good nights rest. I didn’t. I was wide awake for hours, I couldn’t sleep because I was dizzy even when I laid down, my heart was palpitating and I felt like I was in shock and confused. All I could think was that I wanted to go home, I had to go home, right there and then. I told the nurse and she took my pulse and blood pressure; my pulse rate was high and my blood pressure was low, she paged the doctor who said it was just the dehydration and sedative I was given causing it. I told them I wanted to go home and they said I couldn’t and that I’d come back in critical if I did.

I laid there for what felt like months, I was counting the seconds with the snores of my room mates, three of them had distinct snores and each snore cycle was 5 seconds, “Why can they sleep and I can’t?” I thought. I kept thinking that I should just pull the IV out, walk out of there and catch a bus home, which is hilarious now, but really sounded plausible at the time. I must have been delirious, because my mind was racing with thoughts, the majority of which were about TV show theme songs.

Fuck you Paris Hilton, you’re shows theme song made my night hell. 😐

Finally at about 5am I got about an hours sleep and when I woke up my heart and blood pressure were back to normal, I wasn’t dizzy anymore or confused, I could drink water without battling myself to throw it back up, and I could walk (assisted) to the bathroom, which was a major improvement from earlier that night. When I went to the bathroom I remembered how I told the nurse I wanted to go home earlier and asked her if I was dreaming or if I really did say that, she said I did say it and we laughed about it.

I slept for another hour or so and was woken abruptly by the breakfast lady who tried to offer me apple juice, I politely declined and told her I was concentrating on water at the moment. I kept drinking water because I knew they wouldn’t release me that morning if I wasn’t drinking and I had drunk about a litre by the time the doctor came around at 9pm. He said I had made a major improvement and was happy to see me drinking again, he then told me I could go home and to take the Zofran Zydis for a few days until the nausea settles down. I left about 10am on Friday morning, happy to be going home to my own comfy pillows and leaving behind the 5 second snore cycles.

It’s now about 7pm on Saturday and I still feel very weak and tried, but I’m slowly getting there. A few days of rest and I should be good. I get the results in a few weeks, they better have found something or I’ll be really pissed off that I had to go through so much for nothing.

I guess I could have requested a drip during the test, but they didn’t even give me the anti-nausea medication I requested, so I doubt they would have given me a drip. 😕

31 Comments on “Home Again”

  1. God you sound like you got it real bad at the minute. Hope that you get better soon and that the test results come back with a set of results that are good!

    Get well soon Kitta..!


  2. Welcome home, sorry to hear about all you had to go through just to have a test done. Hope they find out what is troubling you. Take care, get some rest.


  3. From all of your tales of hospital visits and the like, it almost seems like the little red monkey has cast a hex of sorts on you. You should watch him closer, I think he has begun an elaborate plot to eliminate his only obstactle on his path to world domination.


  4. Aw, kits!

    I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had it so bad lately. I know you’ll recover. It’s just a matter of them (or you) finding out what’s wrong with your body. Be strong. I know you have it in you. This will all pass soon, and you’ll feel better than ever.

    Wish I could give you a hug. In lieu of that, I’ll be sending good vibes your way. You just try to stay calm girl.



  5. Like everyone here, I hope you’ll feel better as soon as possible.
    Anyway, you talk a lot about your hospital journeys,
    but what about your relatives?
    Do they support you well? You speak about that seldomly,
    and I hardly remember the last time you did.


  6. = That really sucks. I’ve never had the misfortune of a hospital visit like that. The most I’ve had was an operation to put in grommets, and an operation to remove a tick or something that was stuck under my nail. Forutnately, I was only around 5 or something, and don’t remember it.

    Poor Kitta =(


  7. Hey kitta
    You are really going through it , hope you are ok
    i work in a hospital so i know how bad they can be….
    Funny thing is its the place that makes you better yet everyone hates them ……


  8. Sergio, thanks for the vibes GP. 🙂

    Kayhadrin, My mother and grandmother support me and look after me when I’m sick, and I blogged about my mum just last week.

    Mrmojorisin, I think the drips are the worst, the stands are so had to manage when you’re weak from dehydration, they’re like wonky shopping trolleys.

    Thnak you all for your well wishes. 🙂 I’m still feeling weak, getting a ton of hives and I’m in a bit of pain, but nothing a few panadol can’t fix. My appetite seems to have once again left me, but that might be just the nausea.


  9. I had this thing 2 years a go where it seemed I was allergic to breathing, theyd call the ambulance and the ambos would try to give me oxygen but I’d throw up whenever I had some, and it only felt good to me when I didnt breathe, but then my body would override me and I’d have to breathe again it was a painfull cycle, it just seemed to go away after a few weeks as the Doctor didnt know what it was I wasnt really treated for it. I used to break out in hives too for some reason. Anyway just thought I’d share that, feel better and be well mate 😀


  10. Kitta, you sound like an amazing person from the half year or so I have beem following your blog. You’re constant illness with no diagnosis couldn’t have happened to a more least deserving person. (I hope I said that right… if I didn’t, I meant it in a good way :P) I’ll be crossing my fingers for a quick recovery for you… and P.S., your story reminded me of a realllllllllly bad hangover I had once where I threw up blood and then put out my back and was recovering for days afterwards. Ya sure they didn’t give up a whole lot of tequila before the tests? It would explain the passing out then being sick for so long 😛 … Get well soon.


  11. Glad to see you survived your trip to the hospital. Let’s hope for the best… I know, to be continued…


  12. Hey luv, i am new to this thing so hope you do not mind me commenting. That really sucks about what happened to you, i handle that kind of the thing same and end up on drips for dehydration. It’s really poor quality duty of care they have given you though, if you request something they *should* give it to you, infact you even have enough for a complaint but don’t bother it takes months to go through it. I guess my future employment as a nurse is looking a bit better as i actually plan on listening. Take care and hope things get better soon.


  13. This is getting redundent… Mabey you should sue your old doctors and get new ones that know what the hell they are doing…


  14. I’ve recently read through your blog..and I noticed you are sick a lot.. which is sad : ( I hope all gets better… and I hope they find a cause that is easily treatable… Meanwhile.. I think it would be quite entertaining to have everyone who reads your blog vote for the secret because the cause. My vote? The monkey gave you a new strain of ebola that works olny when one watches bad tv.


  15. a lot longer then I thought I would be…

    j33z, I hate to rail against bad grammar, but I can’t think of anything to blog of my own so….

    (as they say) – I think you could of done better.


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