Glorious food

I have to fast for the tests tomorrow, I’m now about 21 hours into the fasting and my every thought is about food, glorious food! I’d make a fucking pathetic anorexic or ‘lost’ character.

I’ve noticed that 80% of TV commercials are about, you guessed it, food. Freshly cooked, steaming hot and yummy looking food that is just so damn sexy that it gets stuck in your head until you eat it. As I type this there a commercial on right now, advertising a drop dead gorgeous pasta dish, I could marry this pasta dish in a seedy Vegas wedding right now if it would only agree to let me eat it during the honeymoon.

TV commercials aren’t the only thing taunting me either, my beloved blogs have let me down, Max Barry did an entry about how another author is using the same stock photo of a donut that was going to be used for cover of his new book Company. It’s a yummy, soft, chewy, glazed donut. I dare not click on Cupcakes Take the Cake, for I know that will be the end of me.

Damn you TV and blogs, damn you to hell!

Ok, no more food thoughts. From now on all I’ll think about is other things, such as… bunnies. Yes, bunny rabbits. Fluffy, white, little bunnies hopping around, wiggling their cute little tails, hoping into traps and then being roasted with herbs and garlic, little potatoes, pumpkin, peas, gravy and… Fuck!

Send food, NOW!

14 Comments on “Glorious food”

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  2. I just asked Sergio, “If I just licked a cookie, would that be bad?” to which he replied “don’t do it, you know you won’t stop at a lick! You’ll take a bite and savor it freely in your mouth, feel the billowy buxom crumbs dispersing between your teeth…”


  3. Is it wise for someone so small to fast for so long? Seems to me overnight should have been enough. Bet I know what you will be dreaming about tonight. Hope you don’t eat your pillow in your sleep.

    Good luck with your test.


  4. Congrats on actually fasting, Kitta! I was actually supposed to be doing an 8-hour fast– yeah, only a meager 8 hours– for a glucose test, and I cheated in the first 30 minutes. With CEREAL, no less. I cheated with cereal. I didn’t even hold out for a steak or anything. I’m a food whore. Sigh.


  5. Just watch the remake of dawn of the dead and all those thoughts of food will be gone. ( and replaced it with mind numbing fear.) I know it a bit of drama but it might work. Be well soon and good luck


  6. Sleep is your only option o.o

    *shakes you a bit, watching as you slowly lift one eyelid while emerging from the depths of peaceful slumber*

    I said sleep is your only option o.o;


  7. Sorry the comments weren’t approved for a few days, I was in hospital for a lot longer then I thought I would be, and I had to get someone to approve them for me. I’ill blog about it soon.


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