Testing… 1,2,3

My B12 and Folate levels are really low, so low that it’s affecting my red blood cell count or something to that effect. I was trying to read the test results upside down and couldn’t read it properly (if only I was equipped with eyes that could flip vertically), I could only make out a line or two which said that low levels are rare for my age range (I’m special) and it needs to be investigated and treated.

Now before you start with the ‘eat/do this Kitta’, know that I am eating and doing everything that should be done, yet they’re still quite low. I have to endure more tests this week (in hospital, aka: my home away from home) to investigate and possibly diagnosis the cause, hopefully it will just be malabsorption and all I’ll need is some vitamin jabs and enzymes to get back on track.

Oddly enough I don’t feel too bad, I feel a bit tired and I have a kind of sickly malaise feeling going on, but always thought one would feel terrible with levels so low. Although as a friend pointed out, I’ve been sick for so long I might be downsizing a ‘like hell’ to a ‘not too bad’ feeling because I no longer know what ‘great mate’ feels like. It’s a real mind fuck.

Whatever you do, never get sick, and if you do have private health insurance… No scratch that… Be a fucking millionaire, that way you can have a team of doctors (of whom you can beat if they step out of line) working non-stop to treat your afflictions in the shortest amount of time possible, you could also hire some minions to bring you food and do tricks to entertain you. Dance minions, dance.

Wish me luck.

20 Comments on “Testing… 1,2,3”

  1. It might be insulting, but I’m glad I’m not you in this aspect. I’d faint all the time too (I’m a real sissy in blood related stuff), so I think it would even be less fun for me. Don’t you wish you could pass it all on to an ant and squash it after that?
    Well anyway: Hail Kitta, The bravest princess in the world!!!


  2. Hi Kitta,

    Hum…well…any annoying vampire in your neighborhood ? That couldn’t help sucking your blood and make you feel so weak ? Huh ?

    Need to call Van Helsing ? πŸ˜‰

    Hope you’ll get better very soon.


  3. I had to to get blood tested this week wich is never fun but at least I got a snazzy Bugs Buny band-aid, so it made up for it. Anyways hope they get it right and you get to feeling better soon


  4. Could be worse. You could have no insurance of any kind, less money, and suffer from strange new ailments once a month and the only diagnostician is you and Google. πŸ™‚

    Fret not. I’ve seen sicker folk than you through more perilous ailments and they’re still kickin’ it in their rockin’ chairs.


  5. I have a B12 deficiency too. I have to have a vitamin jab every 3 months otherwise I get lethargic and weak. My body just won’t absorb the stuff any other way. It sucks. I can’t give blood anymore either.


  6. Cavvie, I’m really getting used to blood tests now, I was bunged (had an IV inserted) so many times this year that at one point my arms resembled that of a druggie.

    Herve, Van Helsing, more like Buffy. πŸ˜‰

    El Primo, I never get the snazzy bandaids, but I do have a favourite blood test lady.

    Chris, I don’t have any insurance of any kind, I’m on a sickness pension because I can’t work, and I have been relying heavily on myself and Google to figure out what is wrong (I diagnosed C.Diff) because the doctors can’t work it out. πŸ˜•
    Vikki, I’m feeling like that, like I’m about to get a cold, but I never do.

    Loddy, dork. :p


  7. I know how you feel! I caught the flu and it turn into a very bad throat infection. I remember the doctor telling me I needed to go under the knife and would be out in a couple of days. I awoke 7 days later and stayed in intensive care another 6. So beileve me when I say I wish you the best . Cause going to the doctor really sucks. P.S. I think your site is very well done.


  8. I always knew it Kitta πŸ™‚ your one of the advanced guard of aliens sent here to replace us poor earthlings here on earth, when the alien armada arrives a switch will flip inside you and youll I dont know like eat us all or something…


  9. Is there no national health insurance in Australia?

    When I had my brief flirtation with swolen lymph nodes, I had no health insurance. I ended up having to go to the hospital emergency room because it’s basically impossible to see a doctor in the USA without insurance. What should have been a $200 doctor’s visit turned into a $900 ER visit.

    Having people uninsured ends up costing the government far more than it would if cheap insurance were available to everyone. Folks could then go to much cheaper family practice offices earlier on in their condition instead of having to go to the hospital after things get so out of hand, they have to seek medical attention. Since they have no insurance, the state usually ends up having to pay the tab.

    Sorry, rant over. Medical insurance happens to be one of my major rant points πŸ˜›


  10. Wow, everytime I have come back from my sabbaticals of non-blog reading (ie being to busy to do anything, other than write my own) and read your blog, i find some story about sickness.

    Did you step on a cockroach in a former life? Good luck nonetheless, hopefully next time I come back to read there are stories about how, due to the consistent sickness, you have evolved into a super being who is immune to every sickness that exists.

    It might happen!!??


  11. Poor you, I would gladly take your place for a little while, just so you could feel good for a change, but it is not possible, so heres wishing you the best and hope you start on the road to complete recovery real soon.


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