Hit with a literary stick

There seems to be another meme involving a stick making it’s way around the blogs and Oxton has passed it on to me, I hear this one will infect our blogs if we do not comply, so once again I’m going to do another stick meme just to be on the safe germ free side. We wouldn’t want my blog getting sick now, would we?

5 Random Tunes

Currently Reading
Atomic mag

Last Film I Saw
Garden state

Last Clean Film I Saw
Garden State was clean (although, it did have a few specks of dust I had to blow off before playing it).

The Next Victims
Who to infect next, let’s see…

3 Comments on “Hit with a literary stick”

  1. Yay! The sunscreen song!

    Ok and last entry… I have decied for the rest of the time SuperShadows site is up Im going to stalk him and always write this one single sentence…

    I can’t write it here tho…


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