What's that?

My brother and I are sitting down eating dinner of veggies, kababs and rice when he starts to make a mound with his rice…

Me: What are you doing?
Him: Making a castle.
Me: Ok.

I place a pea upon the top of his newly formed rice castle.

Him: What’s that?
Me: A castle warming present for your castle.

He flicks it away.

Me: You’re lucky.
Him: Why?
Me: That was a trojan pea, I was going to try and take over your castle.
Him: Ah ha!
Me: Although, I could also invade via the sea off peas which is quite close to your castles boudaries.

He grabs a carrot and places it between his peas and rice.

Me: What’s that?
Him: I just installed a firewall.

20 Comments on “What's that?”

  1. Haha! That was funny. I think you need to post more of you and your brother convos lol. It’s pretty cute lol.


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