I had a biopsy of a swollen lymph node in my neck done today; they took 3 vials for pathology, and were also looking at my tyroid glands for some reason, but that might just be routine (hopefully). My neck is still dead from the local, it feels like I am neckless, and the doctor said I might feel “a bit off”. I’m like a little rotten egg that no one wants to eat (and please, no “I’ll still eat you” comments).

Results in three days.

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  1. Hey Kitta,

    I think it’s safe to say that we’re ALL thinking about you and hoping things turn out OK.


  2. damn, i was about to say that lame “I’ll still eat you” coment…
    those test are usualy routine, soy dont worry a lot, i can tell, and it will hurt when you take off the bandit, for real.
    best luck kitta.


  3. do not worry , i also had this 1 weeks ago, but different place with you , not lymph node in neck , is lymph node in hunkers, i do not know how to say this , my english is not very good, then just take some medicine , now is ok . i am sure you will be ok , really .


  4. I’m not really that worried, although my doctor is concerned that it’s been swollen for 4 months and it isn’t painful, it’s probably just some infection that the doctors haven’t picked up on yet.

    Oh and the rotten egg feeling has kicked in.


  5. Frankenstein had the same problem – ripped off the plasters too early and look what he got leftover in his neck…BOLTS!…

    But that was him and this is you, so you’ll probably end up with daisies stuck out of your neck.

    Have I made an arse out of myself yet? yup? ok.


  6. Tons of good wishes go out to you that your tests will show that it is nothing that can’t be treated with a pill. Hang in there. My thoughts are with you.

    As for the bandaid, pull fast, no point in dragging out the pain. Take care of yourself.


  7. Ah, jeez, this is NOT A GOOD THING.

    A lovely neck, but not a good thing.

    In the soaps this is when the LRM gets written out of the script.

    Maybe, it is Lyme Disease or some other vector-borne infectious disease that one can get in Kiwiland and also get quit of?

    Maybe slapping those medicos isn’t enough to get their attention. Maybe start dropping the word, “lawsuit” into the conversation.

    Strive to persevere.


  8. Best of luck to you. You have a neck of a swan and I expect the best for you when the tests come back. Swans are very special and the beauty they add to the world is impervious to bad things.


  9. Swollen lymph nodes suck. I had some from cat scratch disease a couple of years back. Hurt like a #*!!@ (which I read yours don’t but still….).


  10. Really hope it turns out to be nothing. Am very impressed by your bravery– any kind of neck operation (even one that ends in a Bandaid) seems scary to me.


  11. Poor you Kitta. Hope the egg feeling goes away soon… You should put a warm wet washcloth on it for a few minouts and the gluey stuff should loosen so you wont get that bandaid shaped patch of glue on your neck… Give the monkey a hug and keep taking care of yourself…



  12. Perhaps, your lymph nodes are just ‘big boned’?

    All, humor aside, I hope everything turns out well.


  13. I don’t think I’d eat you. but I’d still keep you around with all your rotten eggy smellness. I just hope you wouldn’t be offended if I plugged my nose. take care and be well kitten


  14. Any particularly stubborn weight gain of late?

    It sounds like an absess that forms around a foreign body, like a tick or something. Lyme disease is a good call and it’s a good thing to catch early.

    There’s only two things to worry about…

    …you may die or you may live. If you live, no problem.
    …if you die, you only have two things to worry about…
    …you may go to heaven, or you may go to hell. If you go to heaven, nothing to worry about. But if you go to hell…

    …you’ll be so bizzy shaking hands with old friends you won’t have time to worry about a thing!

    Have no fear, though, really. You’re too young and too onery to have anything seriously amiss.


  15. …and EAT isn’t quite the proper technique in situations like these. Dinner generally comes before dessert.


  16. My husband might have to go through the same thing in the near future. He’s on antibiotics, but if the swelling doesn’t go down, we’ll have to take the next step. And he has panic attacks, so he’s been pretty freaked out about it! Would I be lying if I said the procedure won’t be “that bad”? I’d love to give him some realistic account of what it’ll be like. Good luck with your results, I’m sure it’s nothing, but it’s always a good idea to check it out to be extra sure.


  17. Seriocomic, yes you made an arse out of yourself, but a funny arse. 🙂

    Bob, it does quite look long.

    Michael D, thank you, your comment was very sweet.

    JK, when they hurt it’s sometimes better, because that means it’s just infection.

    Becca, I just hope they got enough and they store it right, I’d hate to go through it again.

    Youkie, I tried what you said and it helped, still hurt but made it stick less.

    Darkhorse, haha perhaps.

    Stacy, I can always count on you not to eat me.

    JayJay, I wouldn’t be offended, you’d have to tell me if I started to crack though.

    Gregster, I’ve had un-explained weight loss since I left hospital, not weight gain. My doctor is 99.5% sure it’s a swollen lymph node, not an abscess or a tumour, he just wanted to make sure it is a lymph node and check to see if there was infection or cancer cells causing it to swell. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, and I think it’s a tad early to worry about dying without a diagnosis, don’t you? Also, a lot of young people do get some serious health problems, just because you’re young doesn’t mean you

    Candice, I was the same way a few months back, it hasn’t gone down so that why I had the biopsy. To tell you the truth, the needle injecting the local hurts the most and the needles that take the biopsy freak you out the most; it feels like they’re going to stick it into your windpipe or spine, but they won’t because it’s USS (ultrasound) guided. It took about 30 to 40 minutes including the USS before and the USS guided biopsy. I had a gentle sedative before hand to calm myself down because I’m very sensitive about people touching my neck, it really helped and if your husband gets panic attacks he should probably bring it up and ask for a sedative. If he has any more questions feel free to get him to email me, before I had it done I was trying to get some first hand information about it and I couldn’t find any, I’d be glad answer any question he has.

    Thank you all for the concern, its very heart warming to know you all care. 🙂


  18. Working in a daycare taught me more than just 1001 ways to say your ABC’s!
    I also learned how to put bandaids on so they stay on and how to take them off without a screaming kid… Cause if one child stats crying they ALL start!



  19. Darn! I find myself checking out this thread at work every morning first thing, just to make sure you’re ok…
    Best of luck!


  20. it seems some people get all the action

    bah how boring a life can be without drama

    give us drama

    you give us that….

    thank you

    p.s doesnt mean i get my ya’s ya’s hen ur ill, your just the type of person who gets alot of drama would u say oh great monkey miaster?



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