Singing out loud

Stock Boy

I was at the supermarket today, in the frozen food isle picking up some baby peas (my favourite of all vegetables, but shh don’t tell broccoli, I said it was the only one I truly adored), when I heard a song playing in the background. I tried to figure out what it was, the tune didn’t sound like anything I knew, it sounded like bits from various songs. I picked up my beloved peas and turned around to find the source of the unknown song was an employee of the supermarket, a stock boy, who was stacking spring rolls in the freezer and singing his stock boy heart out.

I thought it was amusing, why have a radio playing when you’ve got your own singing staff?… but the other shoppers thought differently, they soon dispersed from the frozen food isle because they seemed to be freaked out by his singing (“Runnn, for he is singing!”). One middle aged lady went to grab some vanilla ice cream, but decided not to once the singing stock boy went too close to the ice cream section for her liking.

So if you’re ever in a crowded place and want to suddenly be alone, sing various parts of songs loudly like you’re on your own, and you soon will be.

17 Comments on “Singing out loud”

  1. I think it’s worse when the customers sing. I work in a supermarket and I hear a whole bunch of people sing to the bad music. It’s pretty funny to have them walk past you and not even care that you can hear them singing…

    But ok I admit it, sometimes I have to sing a line from the songs playing! you cant help it when it’s a tape and you hear the same songs over and over!


  2. What was he singing though?

    Experiments need to be carried out as to whether it was the singing itself or the song in question. Spend more time in the supermarket near this happy-little-stacker and monitor him.


  3. Try this sometime… Walk up to the lobster tank and talk to one of the lobsters like he’s an old friend…

    “Hey Larry! Howya doin’? Jeez, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you! How’s the family?…”

    You can then finish shopping in peace. People will get out of your way.


  4. I guess singing beats the Steve Martin method of avoiding people:

    Whenever I wanna carry a lotta cash with me, I act crazy, so like if I have like ten dollars, and I have to walk outside, the first thing I do is throw-up on my money, then I wet my pants so I get a big stain, then I get a baby carriage and start throwing garbage in it.


  5. nice layout girl! it’s cute and funny. I like your entries.. it seems thought that you don’t really write about personal stuff/thoughs/opinions and that sorta thing, but you have a sense of humor. Let me know if you’d be interested in a link exchange. Later! 🙂


  6. Singing is an interesting break in someone else’s otherwise routine world. I mean most of us don’t expect our life to become part of a musical when everyone starts breaking out in song at a common task, like being a stock boy, or in my case a computer technician.

    I worked in a large law firm and for many years a big part of my job was visiting the users and maintaining their workstations. Whenever someone had a birthday their immediate bay or floor mates would bring in food and their area would be filled with it. I was always invited to eat. It was then I got into the habit of singing a full rendition of Happy Birthday to them, where everyone would hear, earning the food I was given and embarrassing the suspected birthday person and drawing all kinds of attention to them, not to mention myself.

    I don’t visit each bay now days as my job duties have changed, but whenever I find myself in a similar situation it is the first thing I do. I sing. I have sung to CEOs, CFOs, hell just about everyone. It’s a pause in another’s life which becomes a musical if only for a moment, and it becomes one in mine as well. Then of course I eat!!!


  7. Kayhadrin, yes he had quite a nice voice.

    Big A, no he wasn’t singing the rancid song.

    Ed, as I said in the entry, he was singing bits of different songs.

    Marie, there was no song playing, it was a guy singing.


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